Change your life in 365 days: ‘The level of transformation is exponential’

A healing practice a day keeps the doctor away

Imagine a world with peace and love at its heart rather than conflict and hate.

That dream could be a reality thanks to 365 Days of Healing, a project inviting people onto a collective path towards kindness.

As the name suggests, the initiative involves committing to one healing practice every day for a whole year as a remedy to boost individual and community harmony.

The team at My Health Yoga, who offers classes on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, are the brains behind the new venture as they aim to connect people across the globe virtually.

[Credit: My Health Yoga]

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, we caught up with founder Carrie-Anne Fields to discover just how a healing ritual a day can unlock our potential as a society.

Carrie-Anne said: “I felt the inner call to offer simple daily healing rituals as an antidote to the lockdowns which are affecting people’s mental health.

“Also, to assist the raising of consciousness on the planet as this is what ultimately removes the fear in people’s mind and supports them.”

She continued: “My aim is to empower people to remember they have free will to choose their own path and to support people to plug into their higher self for answers.”

[Credit: My Health Yoga]

While the term ‘higher self’ is associated with multiple belief systems, it is commonly recognised as an internal and conscious thought process whereby an individual can seek answers within themselves rather than having to look externally.

Carrie-Anne hopes that by helping people access their higher self, she can guide participants towards personal breakthroughs and also increased inner peace. 

The yoga guru said: “We want people to know they have a choice and that as a human being, they are the greatest living technology on the planet.

“What they feel and visualise re-codes the unified field of energy we are all a part of.

“We literally create our own reality via the imagining function of our third eye [also known as the mind’s eye, which can observe and perceive things beyond ordinary sight].”

[Credit: My Health Yoga]

Carrie-Anne explained that if we all visualise peace and freedom, consequently this becomes our unified reality.

When we focus on love and kindness as a collective, it is believed to tip the energy scales on the planet and help those who are less aware awaken naturally.

Carrie-Anne said: “I believe the frequency of love is much stronger than the frequency of fear, so even if the majority are still in a state of fear, the harmonics created through those in a state of love reaches the critical mass required to support the creation of New Earth.

“New Earth is a place where control and fear do not exist, rather it is a frequency of freedom and unconditional love.”

[Credit: My Health Yoga]

The concept is a spiritual belief – explored in Eckhart Tolle’s highly-acclaimed book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose – that if we strive towards self-improvement, we can change the way that humans behave and move towards a more enlightened existence.

While doing a healing ritual online every day for one whole year may sound like a daunting commitment, Carrie-Anne believes it is truly worth it.

She concluded: “Serving our fellow brothers and sisters at this critical time in history is of vital importance. We feel blessed to have so many skills to share after running the business for 23 years.

“Imagine how different your life will be after one year of doing daily healing rituals? The level of transformation both within each individual and the planet will be exponential.”

With such a magical promise, and all entirely free, surely it can’t hurt to try?!

For more info, click here: 365 Days of Healing.


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