What can you do today to make tomorrow a little better?

Discover how your handprint can create change

Even though we know saving the planet is a good thing, it can be tricky to know what to do, especially if you think, ‘Can one person really make a difference in a world of 7billion?’

That’s why we love this new ‘handprint’ philosophy!

Previously, we have been encouraged to think of our environmental footprint, where we consider the waste we leave behind from carbon, plastic or water useage.

However, a research institute in Finland has re-coined this footprint our ‘environmental handprint’ instead, so we consider the waste we will leave going forward.

[Credit: MyForest]

The reason being that once a footprint is left it is often too late, whereas a handprint can influence a decision of where to make our mark.

Speaking about the revolutionary term, Mike Edwards, founder of environmental group MyForest, said it is a hugely positive step towards creating a greener world.

Mike said: “Footprints are the marks that you leave behind, they show where you have been and the impact you have had. Footprints are really important, but they can be big and scary.

“Footprints don’t allow us to easily talk about where we are going or the future we are building. Handprints allow us to change that conversation to a positive one and talk about the positive actions we are taking to improve our world.”

[Credit: MyForest]

Yet how exactly can you get involved when you don’t live near a beach to host a clean-up or are a burger fanatic and can’t see yourself ever giving up meat?

Mike believes even the smallest of actions can make tomorrow a little better, whether supporting an environmental organisation or just taking some time to connect with nature.

He said: “No matter the size of the action you take, it all adds to your handprint, even small gestures, such as putting litter in a bin, makes a difference.”

[Credit: MyForest]

Mike continued: “Handprints become a way to encourage engagement and environmental change because they recognise our contributions and grow with every positive action we take.

“Begin with something simple and free, the first step along the road is often the hardest, but once you start the rest of the journey gets easier.”

If you’re still wondering where to begin, some examples include switching from one-use coffee cups to reusable ones, wrapping gifts in material or newspaper instead of wrapping paper, using Tupperware instead of clingfilm, and drinking tap not bottled water.

Happy handprinting!

For more info, click here: MyForest.

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