Learn how to worry less in a 24/7 world that never sleeps

The Mindfulness Project deliver zentastic workshops

Hearing mindfulness as a buzz word is all very well, but how do you actually get mindful?! And even if you can get mindful, what does it even mean?!

Mindfulness is said to be the ability to bring your mind into the present and be aware of what you are doing, such as feeling the water over your body while in the shower, hearing the chirping of birds outside your window, or even the sound of your breath before sleep.

The reason that any of these matter, other than being pleasant sensations, are because they are said to slow the mind from darting back into the past or jumping forward to obsess over the future, both of which can cause anxiety and stress over how we should or should not behave.

[Credit: The Mindfulness Project]

Easier said than done, right?!

This is where the good folk over at The Mindfulness Project step in, helping you find your zen in a world that often feels like it has no chill.

By delivering an array of workshops, from one day events to twelve-week courses, you can choose to dip a toe in the pool or dive right in to get your spiritual fire burning bright.

As a taster of what’s on offer, you can sign-up for a 30-minute meditation, join a self-compassion session, have a masterclass to improve sleep, learn how to overcome perfectionism, and even discover how to live well with cancer.

[Credit: The Mindfulness Project]

Speaking about their quest, the team say their vision is to create an innovative platform for sharing mindfulness with as many people as possible with a secular approach.

In their mission statement, the organisation said: “We hope to teach our audience what meditation is and help make learning mindfulness meditation more accessible and relatable to a mainstream audience while keeping it real and meaningful.

“The entire team is deeply motivated by the way the practice has enriched our own lives and by the huge evidence base that shows it has the potential to do the same for others.”

Hopefully this means you will get all of the good stuff without any of the jargon.

[Credit: The Mindfulness Project]

The squad, founded by Alexandra Frey and Autumn Totton back in 2013, pride themselves on leading with the mindfulness-based stress reduction [MBSR] technique.  

MBSR is the world’s most recognised mindfulness course, scientifically proven to help people cope better with stress, depression and anxiety.

So, what are you waiting for?

To tap into a more tranquil life, just click here: The Mindfulness Project.

Psst. There’s even a mindfulness quiz on their site to assess just how chill (or not) you might be!

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