Swimwear made from fishing nets that would otherwise pollute the sea

Kromo Menswear is uniting fashion and nature

We try to use paper straws instead of plastic, and separate our rubbish from our recycling, yet there is more we can be doing to reduce our carbon footprint.

One area desperately calling for attention is fast-fashion, which generates vast greenhouse gasses due to the energy used for production to meet our insatiable appetite for cheap clothes. Not to mention the dyes that pollute our water or the landfills full of old attire.

Yet now sustainable shopping has never been easier thanks to new brand, Kromo Menswear.

[Credit: Kromo Menswear]

Inspired by the staggering amount of plastic being dumped into the ocean, creator Miguel Munoz wanted to establish a fashion label that could support a greener planet.

Not only do his garments lean towards slow-fashion, meaning he focuses on quality so his items last longer, he also uses fabrics made from organic and regenerated materials.

His first collection integrates functionality and comfort, with incredible swim briefs made from fishing nets and other waste (such as carpet fluff!) that would otherwise pollute the earth.​

[Credit: Kromo Menswear]

Kromo have also released a selection of T-shirts made of bamboo, a material that significantly reduces water waste and chemical use.

​Speaking about their quest, the Kromo team promise that they follow strict ethical standards, such as keeping fabric waste to a minimum and paying staff a competitive wage for their work.

In their mission statement, they said: “We source only sustainable fabrics that are knitted/woven in the UK and Europe and carry a fair-trade certification.

“We use plant-based biodegradable mailer bags to send our products made from PBAT, a bio-based polymer which is compostable, and PLA which is made up of plant materials like cornstarch, allowing them to break down in only 180 days in a domestic compost.”

[Credit: Kromo Menswear]

​The London-based squad added: “​We believe change is needed in the fashion industry to regain harmony with nature and we are committed to contribute to that change.”

His efforts don’t stop there, founder Miguel is planning to host a beach clean-up with his Kromo comrades to help tidy our oceans and remove plastic from our natural environments.

Certainly makes you think twice about whether those ‘three for a tenner’ offers are really worth it.

For more info, click here: Kromo Menswear.

[Credit: Kromo Menswear]


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