The path to health: How homeopathic remedies can help you heal

The School of Homeopathy help people from the inside out

You will likely have heard of homeopathy, or walked past a shop selling homeopathic remedies in cute bottles, though what exactly is it?

In simplest terms, homeopathy is the belief that the body can heal itself.

It does this thanks to its ‘like cures like’ philosophy, also known as ‘law of similars’.

[Credit: The School of Homeopathy]

Like cures like is a principle which states that any substance making the body unwell will also serve to cure that same condition when diluted (a process known as potentisation).

This belief is supported by the father of medicine himself, Hippocrates, who said that “by similar things a disease is produced and through the application of the like is cured”.

In addition to this understanding that whatever a substance is capable of causing it is also capable of curing, homeopathy – which has been used for over 200 years – shines a light not only on healing the mind and body but also exploring spiritual and emotional factors.

The School of Homeopathy are pioneers in using natural medicine to boost wellbeing, whether you struggle with insomnia, painful periods, grief, anxiety, or any other ailment.

[Credit: The School of Homeopathy]

Better yet, they tailor all of their prescriptions to individuals as this provides the best results.

Eager to share their knowledge, the school also offer a whole host of courses, from summer classes to beginner workshops to clinical training, so you can become an expert too.

Their work focuses on the theory that physical symptoms are the body’s way of overcoming illness; an automatic healing response in living organisms that they call ‘vital response’.

To help this process, a similar medicine to what is causing the ailment would be prescribed to act as a stimulus to the vital response, providing encouragement to complete its healing work.

[Credit: The School of Homeopathy]

This combination – the vital response and homeopathic remedy ­working in tandem – would then increase the strength of the symptoms which signifies the illness is being cured.

While increased symptoms may seem like the body is getting worse rather than better, homeopaths say it is effective as the disease is being pushed out from within via these symptoms.

Speaking about their work, The School of Homeopathy say in their mission statement that homeopathic medicine exaggerates the ‘stuck’ symptoms, thus triggering the healing response.

They state: “Conventional western medicines suppress symptoms, and this is why you often have to stay on drugs for a long time or find your symptoms return when you come off the drugs.

“Homeopaths do not suppress symptoms. Patients will often experience a small and temporary ‘aggravation’ in symptoms as the vitality is energised into action to overcome the stasis. Now the self-healing power is re-established and the flow of vitality continues again.”

To explore your flow of vitality, click here: The School of Homeopathy.

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