Get your hair to its beautiful best… with items from the kitchen cupboard

Will you dare to be natural?!

Whether kicking back watching TV, scrolling through socials, or passing billboards in the street, we’re all exposed to the wallpaper of our world – adverts.

These ads, especially when it comes to hair, serve as a constant reminder that the answer to what we need is in fancy bottles and vitamin extracts we can’t pronounce.

Yet all of that messaging is about to get turned upside down as the best way to whip it back and forth is the natural way, and by that we mean items from your kitchen cupboards.

[Credit: Montreece Soares]

Hair care whizz Montreece Soares made her first deep conditioner with yogurt, honey and eggs back in 2013 and has never looked back.

She has since gone on to kickstart her company, Dare To Be Natural, which promotes the concept that ‘hair food’ should be nourishing not punishing and that you should rock your locks as they are.

Montreece said: “As women, some of us have bought into the myth that our hair is not beautiful, is unruly and unattractive.

“It is an expressive piece of who we are as people. Being natural in every way is part of being who we are meant to be. We​ are beautiful people with amazing gifts, talents and attributes.”

[Credit: Dare To Be Natural]

While Montreece feels empowered to embrace what her mama gave her, it was a long road that took years of perming, straightening and putting heat on her hair which damaged it.

She said: “Desperate for a hair change, after the passing of my son, I wore the same wig every day for a year and let my hair heal.

“Along the way, I discovered that making my own hair products, with natural ingredients only, gave me control over what I used to nourish my hair, several years later, here we are.”

Montreece’s mission is to now help people feel less afraid to accept their hair and establish a healthy routine that suits them as an individual.

[Credit: Dare To Be Natural]

Still championing her essentials from the cupboards, Montreece has graduated onto other ingredients including shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E.

All of these top notch (and also natural) elements, help seal in moisture, keep the hair follicles healthy, ease itching and reduce a flaky scalp.

If you have ever looked on the back of a shampoo bottle and seen the loooong list of items, including alcohol and thickening agents, it’s no wonder that 40% of global beauty consumers are now demanding a rise in natural and organic cosmetics on offer.

To get involved, click here: Dare To Be Natural.

[Credit: Dare To Be Natural]

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