Ever felt ‘too needy’ in a relationship? Discover how to flip this pattern

Carly Ann helps people reclaim their self-esteem

We’ve all been there, whether first loves, steamy holiday romances, or even with our long-term partners, wondering if we are enough.

While some of us may only have these thoughts fleetingly, many people are plagued by imposter syndrome or accused by their partners of being ‘too needy’.

Often this leads to chronic self-doubt and even questioning if you’re crazy, though one relationships expert is determined that individuals know they are not alone.

Carly Ann Turner, aka self-esteem extraordinaire, focuses on working with women who lose themselves down the rabbit hole when it comes to love.

[Credit: Carly Ann]

With her free masterclass, she guides participants on how to choose a relationship that meets their needs, not just the needs of the partner they are with.

Okay, so far so good, but how?

“I got in touch with my intuition and I made my dreams a reality, nothing was going to stop me.”

Carly Ann Turner, Self-Esteem and Relationships Expert

Carly-Ann does this by getting to the root of the issue and delving into why it might be that you are needy, before building your confidence back up by recognising what your individual needs are going forward and giving you tips and tricks on how to navigate these.

In particular, she shares two frameworks to help clients understand what you and your partner need; what happens when you meet someone who cannot meet your needs; why your needs are an inside job; and how to choose people that meet your needs.

Speaking about her mission, Carly Ann said she is passionate about helping other women reclaim their self-esteem in life and love after being a recovering anxious dater herself.

[Credit: Carly Ann]

Carly Ann said: “I experienced childhood trauma and chaos, the way I came to protect myself really showed up in relationships – the chaos continued.

“I chased, I crushed, I settled, I lost myself, I boozed, I embarrassed myself, I lacked boundaries big time, I put them first, I abandoned myself before anyone else could.”

She continued: “The most pain would show up when I experienced any kind of rejection. I would become convinced I needed that person to survive.

“Deep abandonment wounds would be wide open and as a result, I would be left with a version of me that I couldn’t recognise.”

Carly Ann’s wake-up call came at the end of one particular relationship, when she was faced with the option to sink or swim. Fortunately, she chose the latter.

[Credit: Carly Ann]

The relationships coach said: “I got in touch with my intuition and I made my dreams a reality, nothing was going to stop me.

“Things changed when I discovered the key to long-term change. The deep level self-love work, the inner child work, the body work – the whole-body approach that I use today with myself and clients – means that internally I am calmer, loving, and able to support myself through life, overthinking, rejection, and fears that come with dating and relationships.”

With a degree in psychology, Carly Ann marries personal experience and expertise to empower others as she believes it is our birth right to have our needs met and to be loved.

The brilliant Dr Gabor Maté supports this theory, that if our needs are met then humans can flourish and in turn society will too.

In addition to her free masterclass, Carly Ann offers private coaching and also has a podcast to help women go from insecure and anxious in relationships to feeling completely themselves.

So, if you still pine for someone who is not meeting your needs, you put others on a pedestal, or struggle to date available partners, then Carly Ann has your back.

For more info, click here: Carly Ann.


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