Paradise island with free wifi created for anyone who works remotely

The future of working has arrived

The sound of neighbours screaming, staring at the peeling wallpaper, and dodgy wifi that keeps dropping out, is a familiar scene for remote workers during lockdown.

And while the roadmap to freedom is full-steam ahead, this home set-up looks likely to stick for many of us as we move towards a more flexible model of working.

Even if we rewind to pre-pandemic life, influencer culture and the rise of computer-centric jobs in an online world mean many of us have been working remotely for a while.

Now, the ‘digital nomads’ amongst us are being offered the chance to 9-5 on a paradise island.

[Credit: Reiseuhu]

Not only will there be beautiful beaches and glorious weather, there will also be free wifi and workspace for creatives to, in the words of Rihanna, work, work, work, work, work.

It’s all thanks to the Portuguese island of Madeira, coined the ‘most enviable island on Earth’, building a village entirely designed for their tech-savvy travellers.

The town, named Digital Nomad Village, will boast fast internet, exclusive hotel property, community events, and free office space.

Oh, and not to mention views out to the Atlantic.

[Credit: Erik Karits]

The village hosts up to 100 nomads at any one time and the only catch is that residents must commit to staying for at least a month, so no long weekend visits unfortunately.

In what sounds like a too-good-to-be-true working environment, the village website promises “a place where you can live and work from, whilst surrounded by a breath-taking landscape.”

Something tells us with scenery fit for a Hollywood film, it might make zen levels and productivity better too.

For the trip of a lifetime, click here: Digital Nomad Village.

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