How to follow your dreams and go into business with your BFF

Two besties from school now have a £10m turnover business

They say never work with children or animals… but what about your best mate?

While it might sound like a dream to thrash out spreadsheets with your bestie instead of under deadlines from your boss, mixing business with pleasure can have its downsides.

Just look at Naomi Campbell, Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer, and Christy Turlington who launched their Fashion Café chain in the mid-90 only for it to tank a few years later.

[Credit: Jack Griffiths and Joel Pierre]

Yet Jack Griffiths and Joel Pierre, both 25, are living proof that teaming up with your BFF can be both lively, lucrative, and long-term.

We don’t use the term long-term lightly, considering the two have been developing their entrepreneurial flair since their playground days 15 years ago.

Back in the 00s, the dream team nurtured their inner mini Lord Alan Sugars by selling sweets to their friends while at school.

Fast-forward to today and they are the proud owners of Snuggy; a luxury loungewear company set to turnover more than £10million in its first five years.

[Credit: Snuggy]

The store sells gloriously oversized attire that is fit for any Netflix sesh or even your finest Zoom meeting, with an array of colours and kids or adult sizes on offer.

Now, to celebrate National Best Friends Day on June 8, Jack and Joel are sharing their insight about how to make joining forces with your bosom buddy a success.

Check out their top three tips below.

[Credit: Snuggy]

1 Keep business and pleasure completely separate

Jack and Joel said: “We’ve learnt to keep it professional when we’re in the office and get on with our work and vice versa, when we’re out of the office, we’ve learnt not to talk about work.

“The office is for working and the pub is for drinking – don’t mix the two!”

2 Never let heated discussions turn into an argument

They explained: “We know that we’re both passionate about the business and want what’s best, so if we’ve got different ideas, we know it’s not that we’re against each other, we just think differently.

“Be openminded and listen to each other, hear each other out, you might see things differently. Always admit when you’re wrong and apologise so you can move on quickly.”

3 Pick your business partner carefully

The lads said: “We’ve been best friends since we were in primary school, our families know each other, and we trust each other 100%.

“You need strong communication and trust when running a business otherwise it won’t work.

“Be really careful which friend you embark on the adventure with, it’s not for everyone.”

Here at InspoDaily, as people who knew each other before we began working together, we couldn’t recommend it more!

To grab yourself some cosy clobber, click here: Snuggy.

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