‘It improves mental health’ Discover how sound healing can transform you

This ancient art dates back thousands of years

It may sound like the latest craze hitting east London, yet sound healing actually pre-dates us all and can be traced back thousands of years.

Only now are we revisiting our roots to unearth how music and its frequencies are not only magic to our ears, but our bodies too.

This dynamic connection between sound and healing translates into nature too, with scientists now playing the sounds of a healthy reef to a dying one whereby it mimics the behaviours of the thriving system to come back to life and rebuild coral colonies.

One power duo who preach the sound healing gospel are Robbie Thompson and his partner Melisa Quinn, who have created a course for practitioners to learn the ancient art.

[Credit: Robbie Thompson]

They hope that by sharing their knowledge, sound healing will not only become our primary method of healing, but it will also impact on all aspects of life and the environment also.

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, Robbie told us about their mission and why he has devoted his life to performing music and teaching its magical frequencies.

Robbie said: “Scientists and physicists once thought everything was made up of atoms, then electrons, but we now know the ancient esoteric wisdom [philosophical doctrine] was right, that everything at its core level is sound waves.

“Sound frequencies were once used by our ancient people all across the earth; from the original peoples of Australia to the ancient Mayans and all across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

“Sound was harnessed for so many applications in the once great civilisations of Sumer, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Atlantean times many thousands of years ago.”

[Credit: Melisa Quinn]

Indeed, the ancient Egyptians are said to have used sound for many practical applications, including generating power and even the levitation and shaping of the massive stones used to build monolithic structures like The Great Pyramid.

The first peoples of Australia are known to have helped people with sound, believing it had healing properties to fix broken bones, muscles tears and other illnesses.

Notably, their popular didgeridoo wind instrument produces low frequency sound that listeners can hear and feel through vibrations, which is said to accelerate healing by clearing the mind of emotional stagnation as well as help shift physical traumas in the body.

Meanwhile, the Greeks were inspired by Pythagoras who is not only credited as ‘the father of mathematics’ but ‘the father of music’ too, after he prescribed it as medicine due to its ability to resonate the body, brain and etheric fields [also known as the aura].

[Credit: Robbie Thompson]

In addition to his courses – in which he explores the beauty of sound healing instruments such as crystal bowls and tuning forks – Robbie has recorded three albums in nature’s pitch of 432hz.

The ideology behind 432hz is that it is said to be mathematically consistent with the universe and provide great clarity for the listener.

He believes his life’s path is to bring back this knowledge of vibration and frequency to be harnessed for healing and the evolution of our world.

Robbie told us: “I was first guided intuitively towards researching and recording in these almost forgotten frequencies, but very soon the power of them became evident.

“I witnessed the positive effects it had on people with all kinds of problems, like sleep disorders, mental health problems, and the aiding in treatment of illness and disease.”

The Australian-based researcher is thrilled to see that science is catching-up with this forgotten art, and says everything in nature is sound waves and vibrational frequencies at its core level.

Robbie concluded: “If we can tune into those frequencies we can seemingly create magic to heal ourselves and our planet.”

Imagine your GP prescribing ‘432hz twice a day’?! Now that’s a medicine we’d embrace.

To find out more, click here: Awaken the Ancient.


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