Tackle the moments that aren’t going so well with life-changing podcast

Blankpod Podcast is a platform to help you feel less alone

Googling tips on how to manage mental health struggles might help momentarily, but often we need to hear real people for it to really resonate.  

Stories from others with lived experience can transcend text-book advice that make us feel detached by replacing intangible solutions with feelings, emotions and human connection.

This is exactly what the brilliant Blankpod Podcast strives to do, by sharing relatable tales to help listeners get through life’s trickier moments when things feel overwhelming.

[Credit: Blankpod Podcast]

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, host Giles Paley-Phillips told us why he and fellow co-founder Jim Daly launched their show in the hope of spreading a little positivity.

Giles said: “Everyone has those difficult blank moments, whether in your personal life, career, relationship, public situation, or identity crisis, they can affect anyone at any time.

“It’s part of the human condition, yet it can throw us off course and make us feel helpless.”

He continued: “That’s why we created an informal, insightful podcast to chat to people about their careers and how they get through moments when things aren’t going to plan.”

[Credit: Blankpod Podcast]

Giles and Jim aren’t shy when it comes to delving into the tough stuff, exploring anything and everything from imposter syndrome to public failure and social anxiety to grief.

They are also no stranger to having a stellar guestlist, including a national treasure who needs no introduction… Stephen Fry.

Joining mental health champion extraordinaire Stephen, the podcast has also featured chats with Louis Theroux, Dawn French, Gary Lineker and Line of Duty’s Vicky McClure.

Power duo Giles and Jim have also put pen to paper for their book Blank, which explains why ‘it’s fine to fail’ and aims to revolutionise how we respond to setbacks.

Instead of seeing struggles as something that break us down, the book aims to show they can be the impetus for clarity and creativity instead.

[Credit: Blankpod Podcast]

To have a listen, click on your preferred platform and tune in for free:

Spotify http://spoti.fi/2qikmYK

Acast http://bit.ly/2qgGLpA

iTunes http://apple.co/2AEnrsp

Castbox http://bit.ly/2PHWUCI

Podbean http://bit.ly/2KGZDJS


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