‘It helps with anxiety’ Rapper Wretch 32 opens CBD boutique

New store Green Machine hits London

It’s a little plant extract with a big reputation, so it’s no wonder CBD is earning its name in lights.

Now, rapper Wretch 32 is getting in on the action and has opened up a shop in trendy east London with a glittering array of items for sale.

Not only is he stocking CBD oil itself, the Tottenham talent is also offering teas, hot chocolates, coffees, and gummies that all contain the healing properties too.

[Credit: Green Machine]

In addition to the edibles, you’ll also be able to grab yourself a bath bomb or variety of skincare items that contain the medicinal effects of CBD.

The store, named Green Machine, will even sell CBD in dog treats to keep your pooches zen.

You might be thinking this all sounds great for the entrepreneurial chart-topper, but what’s in it for me?!

[Credit: Green Machine]

Well… CBD stands for cannabidiol, a product derived from cannabis but minus the psychoactive part meaning you won’t experience the feeling of being high.

What you will experience, however, is a range of benefits including anxiety relief, improved sleep, and there is even strong evidence that it diminishes inflammation that is found in people with cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and multiple sclerosis.  

Wretch 32 has joined forces with Franklin Boateng, the biggest trainers blogger in the UK, to launch Green Machine at Unit 9 in Shoreditch Box Park.

[Credit: Green Machine]

Speaking about their venture, Wretch 32 – real name Jermaine Scott – said: “For those who don’t know about CBD, it’s a natural alternative to medicine.

“People have been using it to help with anxiety, stress, pain relief, all of those kinds of things. It helps bring balance to the body’s chemical compounds.”

The boutique prides itself on selling quality products, and unlike other companies, they use third-party lab testing to ensure that only the best items hit their shelves.

Not only this, each product is personally tested by staff to measure the potency and effectiveness in treating their own personal conditions, so they are better equipped to understand and recommend what they are selling to the general public.

If you need to clear the fog, click here: Green Machine.

[Credit: Green Machine]

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