‘The results are life-changing’ Find an inner sense of calm you’ve longed for

Marita Esteva is helping people reconnect with themselves

When we talk about self-love, there is often the idea that you either have it or don’t.

In fact, self-love is a journey rather than a destination we magically arrive at.

Healing guru Marita Esteva is all too familiar with this voyage as it’s been one helluva bumpy ride for her, and now she believes it’s her life mission to help people on their path.

Speaking to InspoDaily, Marita spoke about her odyssey of finding hope amongst the despair and why she now teaches others about self-love so they can fulfil their potential.

[Credit: Marita Esteva]

Marita said: “Today I am in an incredibly powerful and clear place, walking with my shadow beside me, with the intimacy and inner sense of calm that I have always longed for.

“However, it has not always been this way.

“My path has also led me through physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, bullying, eating disorders, substance use disorders, depression, gender and sexuality constraints, suicide attempts, divorce, feelings of never being enough, and significant death of loved ones.”

In just a three-year spell, Marita lost her dream career after two on-the-job injuries; was involved in two car accidents; had three surgeries; found herself self-medicating with alcohol; and was nearly institutionalised by a loved one, against her will.

Marita soldiered on as best she could yet these hardships were followed by an ugly divorce at the end of a severely abusive relationship that nearly broke her physically, spiritually, and financially.

[Credit: Marita Esteva]

Desperate to escape the pit she found herself in, Marita travelled to Australia and had a session with a powerful healer and art therapist – which changed her life.

In that session, she was shown how her demons were clinging to her and dragging her down.

Marita said: “That moment was the first step in a radical shift in all areas of my life.

“I began to work and train anew with dedication to unearthing and owning my shadow and exploring all the ways that spirit can lift and connect us all as people.”

The result?

Marita says she is no longer drowning in dread every day or living anyone else’s idea of who she should be, instead re-establishing a healthier relationship with herself and life.

[Credit: Marita Esteva]

She said: “Shame no longer rules my life, and because of that I have been able to succeed in my business and personal life at a degree that I wasn’t capable of before.”

The metamorphosis even sparked an entrepreneurial flair in Marita, and she created The Path of IX to help others on their journey towards healing, self-love and self-compassion.  

Marita said: “The goal is for people to feel as resolved as possible about everything. Resolution even if your resolution is to not be resolved, allows you to be free.

“The results are life-changing. People who take part are forever changed. This work is for people who are ready to change. It is not easy work. Life isn’t meant to be easy, but we can choose to stop fighting the stories that we have created and cling to.”

Marita’s philosophies stem from a long lineage of teachers, healers and medicine people, and she has consequently been trained in multiple traditions.

[Credit: Marita Esteva]

She concluded: “Many people think the prophecy of all nations coming together under the tree of life is just that, what we need to realise is we are those multiple nations ourselves.

“Our bloodlines are mixed, and our heritage is from everywhere. If we can embrace this and find cohesiveness – at least between our body, mind and essence – we will fulfil this prophecy.”

Marita added: “The journey, the union is within. This must happen first; this is the key to the evolution of humanity as a whole. This is the rainbow bridge.”

Her extraordinary story does not end there though, Marita also has a farm and makes sacred ceremonial cacao ­– a product that was used in ritual by ancestors as it is believed to help you connect with your heart and be a gentle guide through consciousness shifts.

Quizzed over whether she feels her journey is complete, Marita said…

“No. Every day I have to ‘let my jaguar down the tree’, practice embracing it all, be grateful, be in the moment, and keep walking.”


To start your journey, click here: The Path of IX.

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