Airbnb for gardens: Genius way you can grow your own fruit and veg

Farm to table eating has never been easier

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a tiny, almost microscopic seed that you have planted grow into something full of life and personality.

Yet with many of us not having the luxury of our own garden or balconies and patios, it can be really tricky to get green-fingered despite the best intentions.

This is why AllotMe is the new superhero endorsing the farm to table ethos.

In a nutshell (or a tomato seed!), they are the Airbnb for gardens.

[Credit: AllotMe]

This means they connect aspiring growers with green spaces, so that you can access the land you need with a rental fee or if you have a plot you’d like to loan, you can sign up too.

Not only does the platform invite you to get grubby and nurture tasty food, you will also be drastically reducing your carbon footprint as the average grocery store bought produce travels 1,500 miles before you nosh it, meaning you can slash your food miles to zero.

The brainchild of Conor Gallagher, he wanted to help people who believe in a greener world but don’t always know what steps to take to get there.

[Credit: AllotMe]

In order to do this, he knew he needed to create a tool where finding a vegetable patch is as easy as ordering a taxi or booking a b&b.

Conor said: “I was aware of people with no garden or access to outdoor space, and of the difficulty verging on the impossibility of obtaining an allotment through traditional routes.

“It became apparent there is a huge desire for sustainable living but no way of satisfying it.”

During lockdown, the spike in demand for allotment space went stratospheric, with a reported 300% rise resulting in waiting lists that are expected to last decades.

[Credit: AllotMe]

Chatting to Positive News, Conor explained that as an architect, he is trained to spot opportunities in space and it dawned on him when passing an overgrown and unloved garden that even if the owners did not care for it then there would be plenty of people who would.

Practicing what he preaches, Conor listed his own garden as the debut plot on the platform, echoing Airbnb’s founders, who were the first people to post their homes on the site.

He hopes that his invention can sway people from opting for supermarket fruit and veg as their default choice, as a staggering three-quarters of it is imported which impacts the planet.

Give it a go, we’re rootin’ for ya: AllotMe.

[Credit: AllotMe]


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