Ancient underground structures point to a different history of civilisation

Dr believes humans can be traced back 14million years ago!

Imagine if everything you learned at school had to be retaught as the history books were out of whack.

While that might sound like an episode of Stranger Things, there could be more truth to it thank you think as despite most scholars agreeing that human civilisation emerged some 10,000 to 12,000 years ago, there are various discoveries that point to a different past.

In particular, Russian geologist and author Dr Alexander Koltypin believes that an intelligent race can be traced back to 14million years ago.

Many of his findings are rooted in the Mediterranean, where he identified numerous sites and geological characteristics to support claims that earth has been inhabited for mega-annums.

[Credit: Dr Alexander Koltypin]

Dr Alexander Koltypin explained: “When we examined the buildings, none of us even for a moment had any doubt that these structures are much older than the ruins of the Canaanite, Philistine, Hebrew, Roman, Byzantine and Roman cities and colonies.”

Similarly, while travelling near the Hurvat Burgin ruins in the Adullam Grove Nature Reserve in central Israel, Koltypin saw a likeness that he had unearthed in the city of Cavusin, Turkey.

It is believed that the sites across all of these areas connected into one giant underground structure many moons ago.

He explained: “I was personally convinced once again that all of these rectangular cut-outs, artificial underground structures and megalithic debris scattered everywhere were – or were part of – an underground megalithic complex that collapsed due to erosion.”

Dr Alexander Koltypin continued: “According to my estimates, such a depth of erosion could hardly be formed in less than 500,000 to 1 million years.”

[Credit: Mysteries Are Unsolved]

What appears to have initially been a man-made structure underground, can now be seen above land as parts of it has risen to the surface as a result of mountain formation.

In opposition to this, as a result of the earth’s crust moving over the centuries, parts of the underground complex have been dispersed beneath land and plunged into the sea.

The link between Koltypin’s findings in the Mediterranean and Israel points to a deep connection present in ancient sites that were connected as a giant prehistoric complex.

[Credit: Mysteries Are Unsolved]

Writing on his site, Koltypin added: “This circumstance gave me a reason to call underground structures and geographically related ruins from cyclopean walls [a masonry style] and buildings, a single underground-terrestrial megalithic complex.”

It is not yet clear what this complex was used for, whether for shelter or to travel between places.

Koltypin is no stranger to questioning the start of humanity, previously claiming that there is evidence to show that people in ancient civilisation drove tanks 14m years ago after discovering tracks in the Phrygian Valley of central Turkey.

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