No more doggy daycare! Now you can party with your pooch around London

WagIt is like Time Out for hounds and humans

Any pet owner will know how heartbreaking it can be to close the door on your ball of fluff when they look up at you with love-eyes as you leave the house.

But it’s time to wave adios to those days!

Hitting the town with your pooch as your +1 is now paw-sible (sorry, couldn’t resist).

[Credit: WagIt]

It’s all down to one classy mother-pupper, Nadia Leguel, who wanted to create a tool for hounds and humans to seek out activities together.

“We aim to make life for you (and as a result, your dog!) enriched, simple, and stress-free.”

Nadia Leguel, WagIt founder

While Italian native Nadia loved nothing more than London life with her King Charles Cavalier, Lola, she noticed over the years how much she struggled to find social venues that embrace dogs.

Even just booking a shampoo for her canine without having to call someone directly, despite living in an online world, could be tricky for Nadia while juggling work.

[Credit: WagIt]

And so, WagIt was born, a free booking platform that helps you sniff out the best places to go for drinks, food and grooms.

Better yet, users who reside in the Big Smoke will also be able to order animal-friendly taxi’s via the site thanks to their new partnership with Addison Lee.

As a teaser of the recommendations on offer, you’ll find the awesome Duke of Cambridge pub in Battersea Park where you can enjoy their garden terrace all year round; a taste of Spain with delicious tapas at Pizarro restaurant in Bermondsey Street; and top notch dog groomers Rex & Wolfe in Clapham who will have your bundle of joy looking their finest for the pup-arazzi.

Chatting about her venture, Nadia said she is passionate about making things simple for people who have a dog in their lives.

[Credit: WagIt]

Nadia said: “I want to inspire people to discover the best dog-inclusive venues, and book them in a few taps on their phone.

“We aim to make life for you (and as a result, your dog!) enriched, simple, and stress-free.”

To get tapping, just click here: WagIt.

We love the sound of this, fur real.


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