Feeling stuck and lacking confidence? The Red Thread can help you

New book promises to help you change your life

It is said that everything starts and stops with self-esteem; from how we develop at school, to the jobs we put ourselves forward for, to how we manage relationships.  

Yet what happens if your confidence is in the gutter?

This self-doubt not only dictates how you see yourself but has a knock-on effect to how you live your life and the opportunities you do (or don’t!) seek.

[Credit: Bina Briggs]

Fairy godmother Bina Briggs is determined to offer an olive branch to anyone feeling like they are not good enough, with her book The Red Thread.

It is being hailed as the bible for anyone feeling stuck or lacking motivation, with the message being that no matter where you are in life, you will come through.

The name of her new title is inspired by the Rakhi, a sacred red thread in the Hindu religious tradition that a sister ties on her brother’s right wrist like a bracelet during the annual festival of Rakshabandhan to honour their sibling bond and symbolically protect him.

[Credit: Bina Briggs]

In return, the brother gives his sister a gift, or in contemporary culture the Rakhi is now tied on a woman’s wrist too, or anyone whom an individual might want to protect and support.

Using this ritual as a springboard to share her stories, Bina’s book offers life lessons in love, strength and determination to encourage readers to move forward from adversity.

As well as exploring ways to have faith and trust in the universe, Bina delves into her own family history following her arrival in the UK as a refugee from Uganda in 1972.

[Credit: Bina Briggs]

Flying the flag for female empowerment, Bina also shines a light on an array of inspiring stories from fellow family members of overcoming difficulties in the Asian community.

In addition to this, each chapter serves up a positive affirmation to motivate the reader, reminding them they are stronger than they think and how to take the first step to change your life.

To reinvent your world, click here: The Red Thread.

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