Quality nutrition to boost immune system is helping prevent sickness

Incredible Mumbai foundation are combating hunger

While many of us have been hit hard by the pandemic, the likelihood is that you are fortunate enough to access good nutrition that builds your immune system.

Some people are not so lucky to have this basic privilege.

Without quality food, vulnerable people struggle to feed their body the nutrients it needs in order to thrive which in turn lowers their immunity levels.

[Credit: Khaana Chahiye Foundation]

With lower immunity levels, this means people are more susceptible to illness.

This injustice is happening simply by virtue of the area someone happens to have been born in.

While we know that foods high in fat and salt are ‘bad’, less is known about why good foods are so important, namely they reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and some cancers.

The incredible team over at the Khaana Chahiye Foundation are determined to fight for change, kickstarting their mission in Mumbai to combat hunger.

They believe that every human deserves the right to healthy food that consequently leads to better nutrition, which in itself is a natural shield of medicine to prevent sickness.

[Credit: Khaana Chahiye Foundation]

The foundation initially began as a relief effort during the global lockdown, to feed hungry people in crisis and boost their immune systems as best as possible.

They take pride in their ethos of being ‘a ground-up citizen movement’, meaning they are powered by volunteers who help distribute food to marginalised groups.

In addition to the goodwill of volunteers, it’s all hands-on deck at the non-profit as they have also teamed up with activists, politicians, and entrepreneurs to spread hope and positivity.

[Credit: Khaana Chahiye Foundation]

So far, the team efforts have been astronomical with 6,000,000 meals served to meet the needs of those struggling in the city of Mumbai.

They have also delivered 35,000 groceries and other essentials to migrant labourers and other vulnerable populations who could still cook at home.

In their mission statement, the organisation state: “Mumbai is battling hunger as much as Covid-19. We’re doing our best to fight through the second wave of the ongoing pandemic.”

[Credit: Khaana Chahiye Foundation]

While providing emergency relief, they also recognised the need for a crisis management infrastructure in times of extreme situations like an economic shutdown.

This then led to The Hunger Map Project, an intervention strategy which identifies critical pockets, such as mapping the homeless population, who require urgent assistance.

Their brilliant efforts plan to soldier on long after lockdown ends as the crew believe no one should have to worry about their next meal.

For more info, click here: Khaana Chahiye Foundation.


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