Extraordinary People

The mind-boggling artist that has to be seen to be believed

Bou Bou can paint blindfolded and uses any utensil going

Every once in a while someone comes along to take your breath away.

Today, that ‘once in a while’ guy is an artist named Bou Bou.

The visual genius, from Dakar in Senegal, is not your average painter and will have you scrutinising his videos to see if he is somehow faking.

[Credit: Bou Bou]

In addition to beautiful creations, it is HOW he designs them that is causing such a stir.

Y’see, Bou Bou, 26, doesn’t use paint brushes, instead opting for anything and everything else.

Such are his talents and innovativeness, that one of his pieces involved using a tennis racquet and ball as his ‘brush’, to conjure up a lifelike portrait of Serena Williams.

He also used the wheels of bicycle (yep, a bike!) to master a stunning depiction of Barack Obama.

These examples barely scratch the surface though…

Bou Bou has created the image of model Amber Rose with his bare hands, a characterisation of The Rock with three dumbbells, and Nelson Mandela crafted with a plastic shape of Africa.

Not forgetting Oprah Winfrey who he evoked while blindfolded!

[Credit: Bou Bou]

Bou Bou is no stranger to using himself as art apparatus too, placing paint on his T-shirt then applying his body as a tool to execute pieces with.

Oh, and did we mention he also fashions his artwork upside too, before spinning the canvas around to show the image in its correct position.

It is believed that by painting upside down, it interrupts the mental blind spot created by the brain and allows the artist to see their creation in a completely different way.

In particular, it is said to help with proportion and value errors [how light or dark something is].

We are well and truly mesmerised.

To check out the awesome work, click here: Bou Bou.

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