‘I saw an immediate benefit’ How plant medicine can boost immunity

A little herb holds a lot of power

In a world where you can buy anything at the click of a button, we forget that often the things we need are actually just outside our door.

While the humble herb and powerful plant have the capability to cure many ailments, we have become estranged from them and look to synthetic remedies instead of natural ones.

Yet whether you go full throttle with ayahuasca, a psychoactive plant known to treat depression, or tread softly with turmeric and its potent anti-inflammatory properties, Mother Nature has it all.

Despite many of these remedies being easier to access than a doctor’s prescription, we are often unaware of the magic growing in our gardens.

[Credit: Christin Hume]

This is where dream team Mara Calvi and Sona Tandon work their plant medicine wizardry, bridging the gap between a natural and scientific approach to optimise your health.

Together they are the proud co-founders of Soma Vitality Wellness, offering online programmes and coaching to tackle stress management and boost immunity.

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, Mara told us about her own experiences and why she ventured into the world of nutrition to become a naturopath to promote self-healing.

Mara said: “As a child, I had unfortunate experiences with modern medicine. I would often be allergic to these, and it made me extremely cautious when taking them.

“But it wasn’t until I had a big digestive issue 15 years ago and I had to take medicine on a daily basis that I started to look into alternative ways to help myself.”

[Credit: Mara Calvi]

She continued: “I saw a nearly immediate beneficial effect from the herbs that I was taking. At the same time, I progressively changed my diet and lifestyle.

“In putting together all these aspects, I managed to resolve my digestive issue.”

Mara credits this experience with giving her a deeper understanding of who we are as human beings and made her value our relationship with nature even more.

Now, as a practitioner, she focuses on assessing clients as a whole entity of body, mind and soul in stark contrast to modern medicine which tends to just consider physical problems.

She does this by delving into the root cause of someone’s issue in order to create a bespoke solution, with a firm belief that “one size does not fit all”.

Mara explained: “When creating a personalised plan for a client, I identify the immediate symptoms that are causing distress to the person.

“Once I have laid the basis of the nutritional needs, I add many disciplines depending on the client’s conditions, such as iridology [eye analysis], hydrotherapy, and tissue salts.”

[Credit: Sona Tandon]

Mara and Sona say their mission is to lead clients towards a more holistic life where they are equipped with the tools needed to support their own wellbeing.

They also aspire to make wellness accessible to all and do so by offering free e-books and videos online to anybody who might want to start their journey through health.

Their YouTube channel explores everything from hormones to gut health to Bach flowers, an alternative treatment used for emotional problems or pain.

Co-founder Sona – whose first-hand experience happened during her college days when she developed hormonal issues due to her lifestyle and eating habits – said their aim is for people to feel empowered with the knowledge that health is in their own hands.

She said: “I want clients to feel healthy, happy, and full of energy. I want their life force to irrigate every part of their body and soul.”

[Credit: SEED conference]

Sona added: “Many times, people come to see me after having tried everything else and sometimes they are in a bad shape. 

“It feels rewarding when the clients come and say that they now feel more energetic, their hormones have been balanced, or their blood sugar and cholesterol is better balanced.”

Sharing their wisdom through the medium of cyberspace, the duo will grace the virtual stage of the ‘Glastonbury of plant medicine’ at the upcoming SEED conference.

The event, taking place this weekend, will see an abundance of experts from the natural world, including animal communication and food sciences, come together to share insight.

Celebrated over summer solstice, the two-day extravaganza hopes to shine a light on consciousness that is shared between humans, wildlife, and plants.

For more info on Mara and Sona, click here: Soma Vitality Wellness.

To join the conference, click here: SEED.


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