Youths prefer gardening to clubbing! Wellbeing is finally coming first

8 in 10 young people would rather nurture a plant than hit the dance floor

It seems future generations are finally taking note of adults…

And seeing us fall out of taxis and not remember anything the morning after the night before is actually not appealing to them at all.

In fact, getting wasted in now a deterrent for youths and they would much rather do a spot of gardening than lose brain cells in a club.

The proof is in the pudding with a whopping eight in ten people, aged 18-34, saying they would rather visit a garden centre than party like it’s 1999.

[Credit: Jed Owen]

With environmental issues now making front page news, and activists like Greta Thunberg, it’s perhaps not surprising that young folk are more concerned about the world they live in.

And it’s not just Greta making waves, many teen role models are flying the flag for a greener planet; namely Autumn Peltier, 15, who was just eight-years-old when she began campaigning for clean water conservation and infamously said: “We can’t eat money or drink oil.”

While visiting centres or tending to your own plants all sounds positively green-fingered and great for wellbeing, what happens if you don’t live near one or have the privilege of a garden?  

This is where it’s time to get creative!

[Credit: Lettuce Grow]

Windowsills, bathrooms, and balconies were hailed as the best places to grow, with 78% of people saying they don’t need a big outdoor area to experience the benefits of gardening.

Chatting about the findings, Kev Smith, head of marketing at Draper Tools who commissioned the survey, said he was stunned by the results and outpouring of love from budding horticulturists.

Kev explained: “There’s a tendency to think of gardening as an activity for older people, but this poll proves that gardening really is for everyone, whatever your age.

“Gardening is a very calming activity, as well as a rewarding one – everyone can enjoy the benefits.”

[Credit: Neonbrand]

Our beloved NHS support this claim, with evidence mounting from hundreds of trustworthy sources that there is a direct link between gardening and mental health care.

Research shows that contact with nature plays a vital role in our psychological wellbeing, which can consequently reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and other disorders.

Kev added: “Gardening is incredibly accessible, which might in part explain its increasing popularity. Wherever you live, whatever your space, anyone can give growing plants a go.

“The transformative effect of plants on areas big or small is just one of many great things about having plants in your home – both inside and out.”

If you need a little inspo, cactus, orchids, and aloe vera ranked in the top three houseplant favourites for young adults to nurture at home.

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