Is there more evidence to suggest other life forms out there?

NASA are exploring UFO sightings

Once upon a time, UFOs were a matter of whether you believed in them or not.

Now, ‘Do you believe?’ is no longer the question. The question is, ‘What are they?’

While the Hollywood image of little green creatures may sound far-fetched, the US government have confirmed the existence of UFOs and support claims of unidentified sightings.

[Credit: US Department of Defense]

In addition to this, NASA is also taking steps to explore sightings with new chief Bill Nelson requesting his research team delve into reports from Navy pilots back in 2018.

While Nelson is unsure of what the flying objects could be – stating “We don’t know if it’s extraterrestrial, an enemy, or an optical phenomenon” – he is taking them extremely seriously.

“I can tell you I think it was not from this world.”

David Fravor, Navy pilot

Perhaps one of the crucial steps in moving forward with investigations has been the name-change from UFO to UAP, meaning Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

It is believed this updated term will put an end to the Unidentified Flying Object expression which has been subject to ridicule.

While sightings date back to Ancient Egypt, when ‘fiery disks’ were witnessed circa 1400 BCE, it wasn’t until the 00s that our governments began giving them crediblity.

[Credit: Artem Kovalev]

In 2004, a pilot captured UFO footage – described a white Tic Tac shape – while flying a mission from the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier.

It seemed to defy the laws of physics as it had no visible wings or rotors yet it could descend from 50,000 to 100ft in a matter of seconds without making a sound.

One of the other pilots who witnessed the UFO, Commander David Fravor, said that in 18 years of flying he had never seen anything like it.

Speaking to ABC News, Fravor said: “I can tell you I think it was not from this world.”

Fast-forward a decade to 2014, and Navy pilots were observing UFOs almost daily!

However, it was not until three years later, when the New York Times made the Navy sightings a front-page story that The Pentagon [HQ building of the United States Department of Defense] was forced to consider speaking to the public.

In an unprecedented move, this is exactly what they did, releasing three videos last year that had been shot from cameras of US Navy Super Hornet fighter jets.

The footage shows close encounters with fast-moving, unidentified objects while a pilot can be heard quizzing, ‘Wow! What is that?’ in one of the clips.

Public figures are also supporting UAP claims, with the former CIA director who served under Barack Obama saying they might involve “a different form of life”.

All of this intrigue is taking place as NASA strives to seek signs of life on Mars and question whether human beings, plants and animals are really all there is.

Should they find something that we don’t already know exists, this could pose huge existential questions about religion, science and who we are as humanity.

[Credit: Steven and Evan Strong]

Even if they are not extra-terrestrial, and for example advanced technology from another country, this also presents a major threat if enemies are violating airspace.

These theories are just the tip of the iceberg, with hundreds more sightings reported that have not made it into the public domain.

As we wait to hear from NASA, you can continue to explore our alien ancestry with historians and public speakers Steven and Evan Strong.

The father and son duo are pioneers in their field when it comes to exploring evidence, particularly around Uluru during the December 21 event.

Uluru is Australia’s most recognisable natural landmark, scared to Aboriginal people.

On winter solstice, Steven and Evan held a ceremony to help recharge the planet and revitalise Earth’s spiritual heart, during which several mystery sightings took place.

Their latest event, taking place over June 26 and 27, promises to be in “keeping with original perspective and a Biblical reinterpretation of E.T. and human interactions”.

To get involved, click here: Our Alien Ancestry.


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