Stuck in a rut? Here’s how you can revive your sense of self with herbs

Discover the treasure chest of nature with Chris Blackmore

As the wellbeing world booms in popularity, you’ve likely heard that ‘natural is best’.

Though it doesn’t just mean items with less preservatives or ingredients you can’t pronounce, but products from the ground.

Plant medicine uses Mother Nature as a treasure chest, selecting the earth’s finest organic remedies to help people heal without needing pharmaceutical drugs.

One trailblazer in the world of natural healing is Chris Blackmore, who strives to ‘reconnect, relive and revive’ our individual sense of self as well as society as a whole.

[Credit: Chris Blackmore]

Through his Herbal Hindsight project, which he describes as ‘a vision to plan for the future’, he supports people through rediscovering their relationship with health.

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, Chris spoke about his passion for herbal medicine and why he believes understanding our mind-body-soul connection is the root to success.

Chris said: “My interest in plant medicine began when I was 15. I had some spontaneous intrigue to seek out cannabis and see what all the fuss was about.

“That was 23 years ago and only now in my own country of Australia, are we finally starting to see evidence-based drug law reform taking place.”

[Credit: Chris Blackmore]

Chris credits the herb with saving his life many times, in particular assisting in pain relief when he experienced back issues, while also inspiring him to go deeper into learning who he is.

However, it was not until several years later after his first experience with cannabis, that Chris truly had an epiphany about which direction he wanted his life to take.

Chris said: “I was invited to a party and was offered a small shot of a dark liquid I thought was alcohol, I very quickly found out it was a tea made from psilocybe mushrooms. 

“My mind stretched open even further from this experience and it was from this point that my journey with all plant medicines took off.”

[Credit: Chris Blackmore]

Chris began researching both cannabis and psilocybe mushrooms, discovering a hidden world of other psychoactive and medicinal plants that sparked a deep interest in herbalism, shamanism, pharmacognosy [study of medicine from natural sources], and spirituality.

It was this deep dive into the secret garden that Chris detected one common theme – connection – whereby our environment, planet, plants, and animals all work as one.

Chris continued: “This discovery could not be possible without learning to unlearn all of the conditioning that life had put within me in the attempt of making me fit in; something I have never done and never will as I am here to stand out and pioneer the way forward into creating a new world of deeper connection to our nature’s medicine chest and each other.

“In the beginning, I found myself to be very isolated, like I was the only one awakening from the insanity of a sick world whilst my friends ­– some of whom now come to me for advice! – questioned my sanity even though they drank away their stress week after week. 

“It’s only in the past 15 years that I found I was far from alone and in the past decade especially I have been witness to an incredible awakening around plant medicines globally.”

[Credit: Chris Blackmore]

Chris now shares his knowledge with others, guiding people “back to their heart and back to their innate dream of why they are here on this planet” by using not only naturopathic medicine but also reiki and transpersonal counselling, also known as spiritual psychology. 

The wellness guru has also performed sound bath meditations and facilitated Sacred Cacao ceremonies; an ancient practice first introduced by indigenous cultures celebrating cacao’s active ingredient theobromine – translating as ‘food of the gods’ – which helps boost mood.

Chris, who offers a selection of herbal teas and CBD oil products online to help people get started, concluded: “I have never felt so motivated, so inspired, so connected, so loved and so passionate to take this to the next level and share what I have learned and continue to learn.

“I want to guide people back to their roots, back to the medicine chest of nature, back to the incredible healing ability we all have within ourselves, through plants and simple techniques, such as inducing trance to reprogramme the conditioning we have all been exposed to.”

To find out more about this earth alchemist, click here: Herbal Hindsight.  

[Credit: Chris Blackmore]

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