Incredible chance to rebuild self-worth when life hits rock bottom

Boutique store Hip Hip Hooray is helping disadvantaged women

Life can feel like an upward battle when your confidence is struggling.

For those in vulnerable circumstances, they have the additional worries of addiction, homelessness, or crime that can ravage their self-worth.

Sometimes all it takes is an olive branch of opportunity to help them break this cycle, so that they can rediscover their value and reach their full potential.

Thanks to the champs at Hip Hip Hooray, women are being gifted this chance to take a 180.

[Credit: Hip Hip Hooray]

Let’s rewind a little, Hip Hip Hooray is a boutique that create beautiful, bespoke invitations and stationary for all your wedding, party, and anniversary celebrations.

It was kickstarted by husband-and-wife duo, Jenny and Emiko, who spent six years building their brand before establishing their women’s programme after listening to an “inner voice telling us that we could be using our business as a force for good in the community”.

And listen to that voice they did!

[Credit: Hip Hip Hooray]

In 2020, they flung their doors open at their premises in Tavistock, Devon to provide training for disadvantaged women.

When we say training, it’s not just a tokenistic day at the office for work experience.

The dream team offer a full year of paid employment where women prepare and pack stationery orders, develop customer service skills, and experience the value of being in a supportive team.

Women on the programme also work towards a diploma in business administration and are able to access mentoring throughout the 12-month period.

[Credit: Hip Hip Hooray]

On completion of the course, with their skillset and self-esteem both soaring, the women are then supported into long-term employment or further education.

Speaking about their mission, Jenny and Emiko said: “This combined approach helps women reach their potential, live a fulfilling life and contribute to their community.

“We believe women have incredible power to lift each other up and we’re grateful to have a group of amazing volunteer mentors to help empower women to reach their potential.”

They added: “Every purchase of stationary enables us to continue and grow this work.”

To support this great cause, click here: Hip Hip Hooray.

[Credit: Hip Hip Hooray]

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