Boost your child’s self-esteem with amazing project changing mindsets

Standing Ovation use drama, music, and sport to improve wellbeing

There is often a misconception that boosting self-esteem must be done in a gentle way to help those who are struggling to find their voice.

Yet sometimes shouting from the rooftops is actually a better approach.

Whether it be singing, acting, music, or sport, Standing Ovation have your kid’s back.

The project believe in empowering our future generations through the creative arts and they do this by working with schools across the UK to deliver an array of workshops.

[Credit: Standing Ovation]

When we say there is something for every child, there really is, with all of the sessions designed to help young people find their voice and stand up for what they believe in.

Personally, we love the sound of the instrument tuition, available for individuals or whole classes, that includes playing with the keyboard, ukelele, guitar, recorder and more.

Perhaps your child has a flair for singing instead? If so, they can join a choir that invites different schools to get onboard before they all perform live in a collaborative concert.

If they don’t know their soprano from their alto or tenor from their bass, then the drama sessions might be more up their street where they can channel their emotions through storytelling.

Who knows, they could be the next UK star following in Keira Knightley or Idris Elba’s footsteps?

[Credit: Standing Ovation]

For any inspiring DJs, the media production course might tickle their pickle, offering students the chance to brush up on radio production, music production and editing skills.

In addition to these powerhouse classes, there is also a sports coaching option that can be offered as after-school clubs, summer schools, PE lessons, or even nursery sessions.

The brainchild of Anthony Daulphin, who founded the organisation in 2016, he hopes the workshops can not only improve the confidence of young people but of their teachers too.

Anthony’s team also have a central hub in Birmingham where locals can go for a brew, visit the internet café to get down to business in the co-working space, or even get their hair cut.  

[Credit: Standing Ovation]

Growing up in Brum, Anthony says he was a typical teenager “playing on my computer, mum working full-time as a nurse, nothing better to do”.

However, one day he was struck by a need for change and growth.

Anthony said: “I went into the garden and grabbed a mop, bucket and big sponge from the shed. I found myself a cardboard box and wrote on it ‘Car Wash £3.50’. We lived on a main road and the garden hose could reach to the front driveway where I could find passing trade.”

Eventually one car stopped. Then another, and another, until multiple cars were parked outside his house and Anthony discovered his talent for making things happen.

Now he propels that entrepreneurial streak into his passion to help young people navigate their minds a little better in a creative and productive way to support them in a 24/7 world.

For more info, click here: Standing Ovation.


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