Animals saved from slaughter as dairy farm transforms into sanctuary

Animals living out their days across 70 acres of native forest

We recently brought you the story of Rowdy Girl, a ranch selling cows for slaughter who took a dramatic U-turn to become a sanctuary.

And we’re thrilled to say, this compassion for animals is spreading like wildfire.

Now, a former dairy farm is also doing a 180 and taking care of their cows as they grow old.

It’s all thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that was launched to help support the farmers transition away from exploiting animals and towards an alternative way of making income.

[Credit: Namigni Animal Sanctuary]

The farmers, based in Colombia, were blown away when the public raised $26,000 (£19k) so that they could use the money to fund more ethical practice and allow the cows to retire peacefully.

In what is being hailed as the first farm in Latin America to take the leap, it will stop producing 300ltrs of milk a day and selling it to the largest dairy company in the country so that it can nurture the animals across 70 acres of beautiful native forest.

After 25 years of dairy production, the farm has officially stopped all activity and their herd has been integrated with a larger herd of a local sanctuary they have teamed up with.

[Credit: Namigni Animal Sanctuary]

The wildlife is already reaping the benefits, with two older dairy cows, a 10-year-old dairy goat, and a donkey all joining the sanctuary last December in an unprecedented move that would previously have seen them sent to a slaughterhouse for no longer being productive.

Meanwhile, the male calves will also have a chance to live whereas before they would have been killed as is often the way for them in the dairy industry as they do not produce milk.

Miguel Aparicio, co-founder of the sanctuary helping the farmers change direction, said he was delighted that they have nearly 100 cows now the farm and sanctuary have merged.

[Credit: Namigni Animal Sanctuary]

Miguel said: “We can only do this if people help us because we need to deliver $26k to this family of dairy farmers so that we can formally have the animals surrendered to us and so that their change of economic activity is made sustainable.

“When it comes to giving animals the respect they deserve, veganism is the answer, but we need to find pragmatic solutions to help animals in exploitation farms and the farmers too.”

He added: “This only works if it’s a win-win and sets an example of how such important change is possible and backed by the animal rights community.”

To offer support or donate, click here: Namigni Animal Sanctuary.


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