Cayenne peppers health benefits make them a weekly shop must-have

Their healing properties can reduce the risk of cancer

You may have heard us champion aloe vera, turmeric or ginger as natural remedies that are good for you, though cayenne pepper is being hailed as ‘the king of herbs’.

The tiny chili pepper packs a lot of punch, in flavour and in health benefits.

It is believed they have the power to support the immune system by lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, aiding digestive health, and even minimising your risk of cancer.

[Credit: Cristina Anne Costello]

Sounds a bit too good to be true, right?!

It’s all thanks to the ingredient capsaicin, that not only gives them their hot kick on your palette but also boasts pain-relieving properties.

When it comes to kicking cancer’s butt, the capsaicin can attack different pathways in the cancer cell growth process and even cause cell death in prostate, pancreatic and skin cancer patients.

[Credit: Payoon Gerinto]

Its popularity is now soaring with various creams and herbal products containing capsaicin on the market, though you can go direct to the root cause and eat the pepper itself.

Not only is it cheap and accessible, you can also enjoy its benefits on a daily basis.

As well as cooking with the peppers, LA Healthy Living founder Anya Vien recommends infusing powdered cayenne in your warm drinks.

[Credit: v2osk]

Anya said: “Start by mixing a quarter teaspoon with 8oz of water or fresh squeezed juice. Drink this beverage every morning for the first week.

“On week two, increase the cayenne amount to half a teaspoon in 8oz of fluid. Then increase the amount of cayenne by 25% until you reach one tablespoon.”

She added: “Once you reach this amount, use it for a at least a month to help clean out the arteries and maintain their health.”

The humble pepper, originating in Central and South America, has been used for millennia and is believed to have been used in both food and medicine dating back 9,000 years.


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