Oxford Street is getting a makeover and you won’t want to miss it

A stunning new climbable hill is arriving at Marble Arch

The hustle and bustle of Oxford Street seems like something that exists in another reality.

Yet London’s most iconic shopping district is getting a brand spanking new makeover to entice buyers back to the capital’s hotspot.

Better yet, it won’t come in the guise of more department stores, but a stunning new landscape at neighbouring Marble Arch with a beautiful, climbable hill.

[Credit: Jamie Davies]

The taste of Mother Nature will allow people to take a break from their Primark pilgrimage, inviting them to venture along a walking path and view the city from a platform at the top.

In particular, visitors will be able to overlook the glorious Hyde Park which boasts 4,000 trees and endless greenery that will leave you forgetting you’re in the heart of the Big Smoke.

There will also be an exhibition and event space in the base, thanks to a generous £150million cash injection from Westminster City Council to overhaul the retail mecca.

While the hill is not in place yet, work is expected to start in the next few weeks just in time for peak summer and the looming ‘Freedom Day’ set for July 19.

[Credit: Krists Luhaers]

Be sure to get in quick for your Instagrammable moments though, as the project is to take place for six months only before it is taken down and relocated to other parts of the local community.

In addition to the hill, the fashion and entertainment hub is also undergoing a major transformation along the main street, with wider pedestrian spaces and more greenery.

There are also plans to introduce more restaurants and pop-up shops in creative ways to support small and medium sized enterprises who previously would not have got a look-in at such a sought-after location, considering the extortionate cost of Oxford Street rents.

Speaking about the venture, Westminster City Council leader Rachael Robathan said she was delighted her team are part of an ambitious plan to reinvent the famous destination.

[Credit: Westminster City Council]

Rachel said: “This is something we’d committed to long before the pandemic, but the last year has underlined why it’s so important.

“The West End is the engine of the London economy and a huge employer which has been hit hard by the effects of Covid-19.”

She added: “We are confident that our bold plans will secure the district’s long-term success, running alongside our creative, interim plans to boost the capital’s post-pandemic recovery.

“We want to focus attention on this iconic centre of our city which has been increasingly overlooked and cement its status for the future as a key central London destination.”

As they say, when everything feels like an uphill struggle, think of the view from the top.  

[Credit: Sabrina Mazzeo]

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