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Mindset to skillset: Rapper Fekky helps kids in crisis find their voice

CC Foundation helps disadvantaged youth nurture their talents

There are two kinds of folk that youngsters listen to; people who have been through what they’re currently going through and celebrities.

That’s why Fekky is a double whammy when it comes to helping future generations.

Not only did the south London rapper have to navigate his own issues growing up, he is also a rising grime MC who has graduated from self-produced videos to major label don.

Now, Fekky is using his star power to tap into his entrepreneurial and humanitarian skills by launching an organisation to help disadvantaged kids nurture their own talents.

[Credit: CC Foundation]

The CC Foundation – named after Fekky’s two sons, Capree and Cuben – work closely within the community to upskill children and teens by making opportunities more accessible.

Notably, they kickstarted the UK’s first ever ‘laptop library’, enabling the most underprivileged kids to continue school work at home during the pandemic by borrowing a free computer.

The library was founded in a bid to tackle the 84% of children in Lewisham who did not have access to a computer outside of school.

Another initiative involved delivering more than 2,000 turkeys across the country over December 2019 so that no child had to go without a Christmas meal.

[Credit: CC Foundation]

At the time, Fekky – real name Simeon Ogundipe ­– said: “This is a time when me, and those who run the charity, are now in a position when we can tangibly and effectively give back.

“We in essence are giving back to our younger selves to hopefully aid in the process of creating many more successful people and support people’s journeys.”

Since then, the CC Foundation has gone from strength to strength on its mission to bring change and higher standards to low-income, socio-economic areas.

They do this through homeless outreach patrols, workshops, events, and now, their very own headquarters centre in Lewisham.

[Credit: CC Foundation]

In May, Fekky proudly unveiled the venue while acknowledging how far he had come on his own journey from struggles to success.

Sharing a video on Instagram, he said: “Can’t believe it tbh. C&C Foundation here to stay 4ever!

“From all the fights I’ve had at this bus stop during school days and to come back years later and open a whole building dedicated to the next gen; now that’s gangsta.

“Can’t thank my team enough, real passion! And all the support we get from the people.”

To get involved, click here: CC Foundation.

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