Wipe the chaos from your life: How love can influence your biology

The Love Foundation is on a mission to create global consciousness

Imagine if love was at the heart of your job, instead of hitting targets or making sales.

It may not sound practical in a society where money makes the world go round, yet putting love front and centre allows us to be more creative, more driven and more productive.

The Love Foundation is championing this very fact, that loving the environment you are in – whether work, home or social – can create a positive feedback loop that fuels success.

[Credit: The Love Foundation]

Their goal is to inspire people to love unconditionally, which has the power to not only help individuals but society as a whole build a collective consciousness.

They do this through an abundance of education; presenting workshops at schools, sharing resources online or via billboard campaigns, and honouring Global Love Day annually on May 1.

While the name may give the game away a little, Global Love Day is to remind humanity that anything can be achieved when we tap into unconditional love.

But it’s not all hugs and swapping Love Hearts candy.

The team strive to prove their message is no new-age wellness fad but, quite the opposite, as they research the impact of our biophysical response to love.

[Credit: Nick Fewings]

In particular, they explore the concept of love as more than an emotion, delving into its critical role in biology, such as healing, cognition, and balancing physical and mental states.

Fellow research in this field also supports their claim, with a report from the European Molecular Biology Organisation stating that love is “deeply biological”.

Their study asserts: “Love pervades every aspect of our lives and has inspired countless works of art. Love also has a profound effect on our mental and physical state.

“A ‘broken heart’ or a failed relationship can have disastrous effects; bereavement disrupts human physiology and might even precipitate death.

“Without loving relationships, humans fail to flourish, even if all of their other basic needs are met.”

[Credit: The Love Foundation]

In their mission statement, The Love Foundation say they hope to create a world to bring people together and narrow the divide that causes conflict.

Founder Harold W Becker explained: “It may be easy to look around our world today and see the appearance of chaos, difficulty and strife. Yet, when we come from an open heart, we can also see our opportunity to love all things into balance, joy, harmony and peace.

“This becomes the easier path once we take the first step and begin to share our love.”

Harold also said that when we bring love back into our personal, professional, community and family lives, we are able to influence our destiny and play a part in creating a better planet.

To join the revolution, click here: The Love Foundation.

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