Meet the squad helping young people with mental health issues

Hearts & Minds is run by young people, for young people

We’re not really meant to have favourites, but this squad is truly a winner.

The incredible Hearts & Minds group is run by young people, for young people, to offer a non-judgemental ear and help lead them through tough times.

This means no white coats, no therapy, and no jargon, just someone who ‘gets it’.

[Credit: Hearts & Minds]

The awesome team prides itself on supporting youth, aged 14-25, who are experiencing mental health difficulties by using their own lived experience to guide them out the other side.

The bonds that are formed are so powerful that one member who started attending, while transitioning from child to adult mental health services, credits the group for saving their life.

Speaking about the significant impact the support service has had on them, the young person said: “I don’t get out much, so Hearts & Minds has been really important to me. I was really depressed and without them, I really do not think that I would be alive today.”

They added: “I love how there’s no expectation for you to share your experiences, but when you do, everyone is really understanding and supportive.”

[Credit: Hearts & Minds]

The charity was founded by Beth Ingram back in September 2017 when she struggled to access support herself while living with mental health difficulties.

This resulted in Beth having to drop out of school while pogoing in and out of hospital as she was confronted with the limitations of the mental health system for older teens and young adults.

Now, she is determined that no other young person should experience what she went through, as she strives to provide innovative solutions to the isolation that people endure.

[Credit: Hearts & Minds]

With the support of her staff and volunteers, they lead a variety of meetups which initially began as face-to-face but during the pandemic switched to online sessions.

They have also evolved to deliver a variety of other workshops, named ‘brave spaces’, for young people who identify with particular experiences, including autism, race, and trans issues.

We only wish something like this existed when we were younger!

For more info about this fab group, click here: Hearts & Minds.

You can also email Anand at: info@heartsandminds.org.uk


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