Quirky mental health cookies and cupcakes help stamp out stigma

Bake Yourself Better create wellbeing sweet treats

Mental health awareness usually comes in the guise of a classroom workshop, a magazine listicle, or maybe a campaign on Mental Health Awareness Day.

Now it’s being delivered with a sprinkle (literally) of fun!

It’s time to sink your teeth into the fabulous world of Bake Yourself Better, a bakery sending mental health awareness, kindness and hope directly to your belly.

[Credit: Bake Yourself Better]

By mish-mashing sweet treat delicacies with wellbeing reminders, their cookies and cupcakes are all designed with uplifting mottos to remind you it’s okay to not be okay.

On the menu, you’ll find delicious boxes of vanilla biscuits decorated with sugar paste icing and brushed with edible gold paint with messages including, ‘you are stronger than you know’, ‘you matter’, ‘you are so loved’, ‘keep on shining’, and ‘be kind to yourself’.

Then there’s the moutherwatering vegan cupcakes with rainbow decorations and verbal hugs that say, ‘you are incredible,’ ‘thank you for supporting me’, and ‘you are amazing’.  

While baking may seem like a simple pastime, company founder Sarah Elliott credits it with exorcising her demons and boosting her self-esteem when struggling with PTSD and OCD.

[Credit: Bake Yourself Better]

Having tried many different types of exercise, meditation and self-help books to get her through an extremely challenging time, nothing quite helped like baking did and as Sarah rustled up her first cake, she finally felt like she had a moment of peace from her noisy mind.

During this time, Sarah was referred to Luminary Bakery (a charity that helps disadvantaged women) where she was taught to bake to a professional standard and nurtured her skillset.

Sarah explained: “Alongside this, Bake Yourself Better was created and has since grown into a small business that sells baked goods with a personal story to inspire kindness and hope.

“We strive to promote mental health awareness, self-love, kindness and hope through hand-decorated delicious baked goods.”

[Credit: Bake Yourself Better]

Sarah is also dedicating time to fundraising so she can purchase new equipment and look for a permanent premises and a market stall in London in addition to her online business.

She added: “I would love to increase our range so we can offer a variety to suit everyone’s needs.

“Most importantly, it would also help greatly in finding further avenues to spread mental health awareness through our brand.”

If these goodies were handed out in school canteens, imagine the conversations they could start…

To grab some wellbeing biscuits, click here: Bake Yourself Better.

[Credit: Bake Yourself Better]


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