Insta artist creates mental health illustrations to brighten up your soul

Lift your mood in an instant

While social media has its imperfections, it can hold a lot of power too.

Whether that be reconnecting with old pals, discovering new ones, or simply seeing a post that can lift your sprits for a moment.

This is why we’ve fallen in love with illustrator Bright Souls, who creates beautiful mental health pictures to boost your mood in an instant.

[Credit: Bright Souls]

Her artwork reflects on everything from healing to kindness to listening to your inner child, by promoting positive memos alongside beautiful drawings.

The self-love fairy, whose real name is Kenia, says she designs art that “brightens up my soul” and believes that mindset is the key to happiness.  

She also believes Instagram is a community that she credits with “finally feeling like I belong somewhere” and a place where “I win every day”.

[Credit: Bright Souls]

As well as crafting mindful memes, Minnesota native Kenia talks openly about her own insecurities, especially when it comes to recognition of her work.

In a recent video, she wrote: “When you’ve been trying to make your illustrations go viral for three months and someone new joins a week ago and they blow up.

“Has any artist/illustrator experienced this? I never want to take away from anyone’s success, they’ve worked hard for it.”

[Credit: Bright Souls]

She added: “But hey I do wish it could happen to me, but I know we all have different journeys and that’s okay. Our feeling is valid, but let’s not allow jealousy take over our beautiful hearts.”

Kenia strives to show her followers that sometimes being human can be challenging, and while there is pressure to fit in or keep up with trends, true peace comes with finding our purpose.

The Disney enthusiast says her purpose is to view the world through her own eyes, by focusing on growth, taking risks, and reminding herself how “rare and beautiful it is to even exist”.

To check out Kenia’s feel-good pics, click here: Bright Souls.


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