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Incredible moment son takes dad to sing in car to ‘calm down aggression of dementia’

Teddy Mac landed a record deal from his carpool karaoke

Celebrities tend to fit into a cookie-cutter mould of David Beckham tattoos, Love Island hotties or Rihanna’s NSFW lyrics.

Yet every now and then, someone comes along to break that mould.

This time, Teddy Mac is stealing the spotlight.

Teddy’s musical abilities are so extraordinary, that his talent for being able to master any song perfectly has earned him the nickname The Songaminute Man.

What makes his memory for recalling tracks so remarkable now, is that he was diagnosed with dementia nearly a decade ago.

Back in 2016, Teddy catapulted to fame after his son Simon filmed them together doing a carpool karaoke session that captured the public’s heart.

It was his illness that initially spurred on the duets, with Simon discovering that singing had the power to calm his dad down from the aggression of the disease.

[Credit: The Songaminute Man]

What initially began as a simple YouTube video, quickly snowballed as Ted landed a record deal and the duo raised a whopping £250,000 for The Alzheimer’s Society.

In addition to this, they went on to receive a Pride of Britain Award and the JustGiving Creative Fundraiser of the Year.

What followed was a whirlwind few years as Ted recorded a big band charity album and Simon wrote a book about his dad’s journey with dementia.

Fast-forward to today, and Simon hopes to bring the focus back to his dad’s exceptional vocals to illustrate that he is more than his illness.

[Credit: The Songaminute Man]

Speaking in a recent Facebook post, Simon explained that updates about family life were more challenging when not putting the illness front and centre of discussion.

Simon said: “I don’t want to talk about dad’s dementia all the time as even though he does have it, and the page was all about fundraising for dementia, I never wanted it to be about dementia, if that makes sense? I wanted it to be about my dad’s singing.”

He added: “Dad has really declined, and is very, very confused. On the whole, he’s really happy and that’s mainly because we try to give him as much reassurance as possible that we’re there for him, and that he’s loved, and he’s cared for.”

[Credit: The Songaminute Man]

Simon later shared a photo of his singing sensation dad saying: “It’s still all about the music and ‘getting the women on the dancefloor’ (his words).

“We listen to his music full-on, which he loves and claps along to, suddenly bursting into song at times, which shocks us all.”

He also teased more songs, revealing there is one more thing they must do together.

Prior to his diagnosis, Ted worked a club singer in the 1960s and 70s, famed in his hometown of Blackburn for perfect renditions of hundreds of classic tunes.

He had taught himself a different set of lyrics every day while working in factories as a teenager, including words from his idols Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett.

[Credit: The Songaminute Man]


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