Healthy food that will blow your mind (and your tastebuds)

Eli Brecher strives to make nutrition less stressful for people

When the words ‘food’ and ‘wellness’ appear beside each other, you might be forgiven for conjuring up images of blended spinach or kale in smoothies.

It’s time to shake that from your mind and rethink wellbeing.

We’re talking chocolate fudge brownies with mini marshmallows, banoffee billionaire bites, and peanut butter stuffed biscuits that are all GOOD for you.

It’s all thanks to foodie extraordinaire Eli Brecher who magics up mouthwatering creations with quality ingredients that promise both taste and nourishment.

[Credit: Eli Brecher]

Take a peek behind the magician’s curtain and you’ll discover some of her tricks involve swapping milk chocolate for dark chocolate (packed with antioxidants and minerals) and regular butter for cashew or almond butter (containing amino acids and healthy fats).

Yet there is zero compromise on packing a punch on the palette.

Having lived with Crohn’s all her life, a painful inflammatory bowel disease, Eli’s mission is to help make nutrition less stressful for anyone with autoimmune or digestive issues.

And, crucially, to show just how delicious healthy eating can be!

[Credit: Eli Brecher]

She is now on an adventure to develop her craft, studying a BSc in nutrition to pursue her passion and will soon qualify as a registered nutritionist.

Eli is not taking a back seat along the ride though, instead buckled up in front working as a recipe developer and food stylist alongside her studies.

Oh, and did we mention she also founded her own granola company, Eli’s Granola.

[Credit: Eli Brecher]

With her flair for flavour and talent for taste, Eli’s granola is like no other, with options including chocolate chip quinoa, coconut almond and cinnamon sultana.

They are also proudly presented as having no wheat, dairy, palm oil or refined sugar.

Speaking about her love of making memorable meals, Eli said it all began from feeling lost on the journey to finding the healthiest version of herself.

[Credit: Eli Brecher]

Eli said: “As a result of my own health battles, my mission is to help make nutrition less stressful for anyone struggling with autoimmune and digestive issues, while showing that healthy eating can be exciting and accessible for everyone.

“My undeniable passion for both food and wellness mean I constantly daydream about indulgent new recipes to share on my blog and YouTube channel.”

She added: “I focus on wholesome foods – all my recipes avoid gluten, dairy and refined sugar – that delight the senses and nourish the body.

“I hope that I am able to inspire you to get creative in the kitchen and discover just how delicious healthy eating can taste.”

She had us at ‘indulgent’…

To whip up a delicious creation, click here: Eli Brecher.


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