When sustainable meets chic: Stylish jars to banish household waste

Refill, reuse, recycle in one go with this incredible online pantry

While being environmentally friendly might be good for the planet, it’s not really the sexiest of terms.

Well, recycling just got hot.

Ordinarily, it involves separating your plastics from cardboards, often having to fold awkward boxes or compress packaging so it fits in your bin ready for the council to collect.

Now, you can do it with a voguish collection of jars that scream chic all thanks to a collaboration between SSTN and Roxie Nafousi.

[Credit: SSTN]

SSTN (pronounced ‘sustain’, but without the vowels) is an online pantry specialising in refillable jars and artisan delights that will make your palette sing.

It works by inviting you to purchase your wholefoods or herbs and spices in a pre-labelled glass jar, then when you are running low you order a refill which comes in a brown paper bag which you can then recycle which drastically reduces waste and stops single-use items.

By teaming up with Roxie, an emotional health adviser and self-love activist, they have launched a unique collection including spice jars, oil bottles and even a garden party hamper.

[Credit: Roxie Nafousi]

Speaking about the ethos, the SSTN mission statement says: “We are rapidly running out of landfill sites, which means now more than ever we need to be smart with our home waste.

“Refill, reuse, recycle is our motto and everything in our shop follows these rules.

“We have teamed up with some incredible artisan brands who also believe not only in sustainable living but honest products which taste incredible.”

[Credit: SSTN]

Founder Kelsey Caira quit her role in the corporate world to focus on her start-up when she realised there was more waste coming with her food than the actual food itself.

Kelsey said: “I’ve always tried to be conscious of what consumerism does to the planet and the waste it leaves behind and the impact it has on our future generations.

“I started creating my own pantry buying all sorts of jars and avoiding plastic bottles but it was difficult and I was still throwing away excess packaging. When I tried the greener route, I also lost the luxury in products and packaging. This is when SSTN was born.”

With style and sustainability, we’re sold!

To grab your jars and wholefoods, click here: SSTN.


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