Why we need to act now to save nature from going truly extinct

Rewilding Britain hope to restore 30% of degeneration by 2030

Imagine a world rich with animals and oceans brimming with diversity.

Once upon a time you wouldn’t have had to imagine, it was Mother Nature’s reality.

Yet with climate change and many species endangered from overfishing or deforestation, wildlife and marine life are in serious danger of going extinct.

[Credit: Rewilding Britain]

The incredible folk at Rewilding Britain are pressing pause on this crisis and hitting the rewind button to help regenerate habitats so our ecosystems thrive.

Their goal is to restore land and seas to their natural state, by reintroducing plants or species that have been driven out or exterminated so that “nature can take care of itself”.

As well as focusing on their ambitions to rewild 30% by 2030, they believe in creating spaces to help people reconnect with nature’s ability to impact physical and mental health.

The great outdoors is not only a mecca for topping up your tan, it is proven that being outside significantly reduces fear and stress while boosting feel-good emotions.

[Credit: Rewilding Britain]

Similarly, it works wonders for physical health too, with a kiss from the earth known to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

Speaking about their quest, Rewilding Britain know they have a huge mountain to climb but say that if we “think big and act wild” we can put an end to further degradation.

In their mission statement, they said: “Rewilding re-establishes natural processes and allows them to lead the way, free from set outcomes and fixed end points.

“It encourages the return of threatened and missing species and embraces the ebb and flow of nature, allowing animals, plants, birds and the elements to shape our landscapes and habitats over time. Acceptance over dominance is vital in the world we want to see.”

[Credit: Rewilding Britain]

Their manifesto continued: “The world we want to see is one of hope, where the incredible hum and thrum of life replaces pollution, decline and destruction.

“It’s a world where our soils are healthy, our rivers are clean, and our land and seas rich and diverse. And it’s a world we know is possible, if we only choose to make it happen.”

We look forward to hearing that hum and thrum again soon!

To get involved, click here: Rewilding Britain.

[Credit: Rewilding Britain]

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