Terrified of public speaking? Learn how to hack your personal skills

Positive Progression can empower you to present with confidence

The idea of speaking to a room full of people is so anxiety-inducing it has its own name – glossophobia (from the Greek word glossa, meaning tongue, and phobos, meaning fear).

While many of us hold jobs where we can avoid this nerve-shredding experience, some of us simply can’t avoid it in our roles.

This doesn’t mean it gets any easier and often our fight-or-flight response wreaks havoc on our nervous system, sparking intense physiological reactions that make us want to run away.

Yet we’ve discovered the guardian angels of public speaking, who are swooping in to empower you with presenting skills that will make them feel like second nature.

[Credit: Positive Progression]

The angels, otherwise known as Emmet Naughton and Valeria Crespo, have joined forces to help everyday people and aspiring entrepreneurs unlock their potential.

Together, they are Positive Progression – aka the Willy Wonka of work – opening people’s eyes as to how they can create the business of their dreams.

Chatting exclusively to InspoDaily, Emmet spoke about how they inspire others to strive for their best self and the three key pillars they teach to encourage new strategies.

Emmet said: “Positive Progression empowers entrepreneurs and everyday people to speak with confidence, impact and represent their true voice.

“We want clients to be filled with positive belief, empowerment and confidence. Our coaching programme is there to lift entrepreneurs up and break all self-limiting beliefs.”

He continued: “Our coaching helps people go from a fixed to an abundant growth mindset; build precise business strategy to win more clients; and empower entrepreneurs to speak more credibly, confidently and persuasively so they can win more business and scale.

“There are no limits by the time clients finish with us.”

[Credit: Positive Progression]

Emmet and Valeria help people work through their challenges with The Speaker’s Journal, which is used by entrepreneurs, coaches and CEOs across the globe.

As the name suggests, it is a journal brimming with communication techniques, including an interactive three-minute routine that helps people recognise the power of words.

The diary-like process is designed to boost autonomy and ensure the user is always confidently learning from their own life lessons so they can prepare for speaking situations.

Emmet said: “Self-development saved my life and now I want to share my learnings and lessons with others so they can be empowered to make positive transformational change.

“Similarly, for Valeria, personal development is her passion and understanding new ways to grow her mind and break old habits is one of her biggest drivers.”

[Credit: Positive Progression]

Now, their ambition is to inspire 1,000 entrepreneurs by the end of 2022 to succeed and flourish in their respective businesses.  

As lockdown restrictions are on the cusp of ending, the power duo hope to achieve this goal by spreading their wings further afield and including luxury getaways on their coaching programme

Emmet concluded: “Outside of the journal and coaching business, we are also aiming by next summer to launch our first retreat experience for entrepreneurs who want to live in a beautiful villa for four days in northern Italy (the countryside of Turin, next to the Alps).

“Here they will meet new like-minded people, eat amazing food, learn new personal development hacks and tips from experts, and get some work done with their own businesses.”

A holiday and life hacks, sounds right up our street!

To find out more, click here: Positive Progression.


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