Rocking life as wife + wife: Couple create LGBTQ+ friendly jewellery

Meet Kelly and Zoey, the creators of Kelzo Jewellery

They say the jewellery we wear reveals a lot about our personality.

Yet often, the clues are miniature hidden on silver chains or engraved rings, meaning people don’t always wear their heart on their sleeve so loudly.

That’s about to change!

Meet Kelly and Zoey, the creators of Kelzo Jewellery, here to wave their magic wand.

They mishmash colour, fun and chunky statement pieces to not only make people feel good about themselves but also to share an important message – be proud of who you are.

[Credit: Kelzo Jewellery]

By sharing their own journey, of rocking life as wife and wife, they encourage customers to show their pride all year round with their bright and beautiful LGBTQ+ friendly collection.

We’re talking rainbow lightning bolt necklaces, transgender flag keyrings, non-binary pronoun earrings, alongside badges, bracelets, and bespoke items galore.

Better yet, they have a no-waste policy, meaning all their clay is used and leftovers are recycled, while they also donate profits to Mermaids, a charity who support trans youth.

Alongside crafting and selling their designs, the dream team also blog about their experiences of family life after Zoey came out as transgender in 2019.

[Credit: Kelzo Jewellery]

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, they told us what kickstarted their indie business and why they hope their quirky creations will leave customers feeling empowered.

Zoey said: “KelZo was born from an idea of Kelly’s where she sought bright and colourful adorable jewellery that was becoming harder and harder for her to find in the market place.

“In June 2020, we began creating pieces for ourselves, which sparked interest in some friends, this then led to the creation of KelZo.”

She continued: “Jewellery is unisex and universal; a simple splash of colour can help lift people’s spirits and hopefully give them a little pick-me-up when they need it most.

“We hope to inspire self-love and confidence in people to be themselves. We hope whether people purchase pride or non-pride items, they can wear them with pride all year round.”

[Credit: Kelzo Jewellery]

While their Kelzo brand screams colour and confidence, self-doubt can still get in the way, with Kelly and Zoey determined to show both sides of the spectrum.

Kelly explained: “Still being in transition, Zoey has good and bad days.

“The overall feeling of becoming herself and no longer hiding her feelings from the world is ultimately empowering and improves her wellbeing and mental health.”

Going forward, the Cardiff duo hope to see education change to reduce stigma and so that everyone has a better understanding of trans people.

They believe that teaching begins at home and in school, where access to information and visibility is vital to help future generations become less prejudice.

The couple are big advocates that children are not born with bias and instead it is an ignorance learned through their elders; they believe that young people, on the whole, are hugely respectful and while sometimes inquisitive, very rarely judgemental.

[Credit: Kelzo Jewellery]

Practicing what they preach, Kelly and Zoey are helping their own kids, George, 11, and 10-year-old Molly, understand diversity and inclusivity from a young age.

Kelly explained: “For ten years we didn’t know Zoey was Zoey, but when she came out to us it didn’t take long for it to all fall into place. The first month was a whirlwind, with many emotions and thoughts, questions and new discoveries.

“George and Molly have been unbelievable, with Molly and Zoey forming an unbreakable bond since Zoey came out. And George responded in the most beautiful way – ‘If she’s happy, I’m happy.’”

She added: “We’re here to shake things up. From challenging the world’s views on transgender families to enjoying our life to the full despite negative attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community.

“I’ve said many times to many people, ‘We’re on a rollercoaster of a ride, and I’m not getting off!’ Life is for living, and if we can help one person to live their lives their way whilst we’re on our own journey, then we’ve done something right.”


To grab a statement piece, click here: Kelzo Jewellery.

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