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Truck crashes into cabbage field before residents unite to help driver

Heartwarming scenes from Thailand

They say teamwork makes the dreamwork, and never has that phrase been captured quite like in the Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand.

That might not roll off the tongue as somewhere you can pinpoint on a map, though the citizens deserve global notoriety for reminding us what humanity looks like.

Following a freak accident where a pick-up truck crashed from a steep hill, the locals were determined that the driver caught in the accident should not go it alone.

[Credit: Good News Network]

Instead, they rallied round to support him, with more than 50 unsung heroes helping to retrieve the vehicle after the driver lost control and skidded off the dirt road.

The heartwarming scenes were caught on camera as the community began to heave the bashed-up motor uphill back to the road after it tumbled into a cabbage field.

Speaking about the incident, the driver’s niece expressed her gratitude for the residents.

Malinee Laowang said: “I saw the truck topple down the hill and flip multiple times.

“I remember running towards the car and smashing the windows open with a rock to let my relative out. More villagers came to help us even without asking.”

Malinee continued: “I would like to thank the villagers for helping us out.”

[Credit: Good News Network]

The allies spent an hour towing the truck through the field, using thick ropes in a tug of war.

Fortunately, the driver survived the crash relatively unscathed, suffering only minor cuts.

Kudos to the natives, community spirit has never been quite so magical.

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