A lifetime of positive moments: YouTuber shares self-growth tips

Indra Bartona shares advice to prevent hitting crisis

With wellness catapulting into the mainstream, we know that practicing gratitude, saying affirmations, and journaling are all good for the mind.

Yet sometimes we need a little hand-holding to remind us to keep going.

So, reach out your hand, because Indra Bartona is here to grab it.

The producer turned self-care guru is using her skills from the TV industry to create her own YouTube channel brimming with feel-good advice and mental health tips.

[Credit: Michelle De La Vara Photography]

We caught up with Indra to find out more about her Positive Vibe Lifestyle show and what motivated her to swap the corporate life for the wellbeing world.

Indra said: “My motivation began when I was just twelve-years-old, I remember my parents giving me all sorts of positive lifestyle and self-growth books.

“I’d enjoy reading on the patio as my secret place of solace. My mother was an avid reader and still today has an incredible collection of books she actively reads. This reading of books made an everlasting impression on me that I carried through my entire life.”

[Credit: Indra Bartona]

She continued: “The material I absorbed had an impact on the way I approach life and always gave me something to think about on deeper levels.

“I became very interested in the concept of creating a positive vibe lifestyle as I could see the benefits of the practice when I applied various daily principles and noticed there is an amazing difference in the time periods I’m consciously working on my self-growth.”

Galvanised by her own journey, Indra is now on a mission to share what she has learned and help others understand the power of shaping your life always begins with ourselves. 

Using personal experience, alongside guest interviews and guided meditations, Indra hopes to inspire and support people by offering bitesize videos for people in a 24/7 world.

Indra said: “My meditations are usually under ten minutes as life is busy and people find it achievable to sit still for a shorter amount of time and still feel the effects.

“I also created the Positivity Vibe Tribe group on Facebook to bring like-minded people together in one community and it’s a focal point to find resources.”

[Credit: Irene Bowers]

Indra has high aspirations that her movement can grow worldwide and says it’s been a gift to have developed friendships with the viewers she has so far.

She continued: “I would love to make people feel empowered, hopeful, and joyful, and show that we all are the architects of our own life experience.

“We hold the precious keys to living a life full of positive moments. On a daily basis, we navigate the way forward and if I can share insights that help then I’ve found my purpose.”

While she cherishes sharing her wisdom with others, Indra says she is still on the path of awareness herself and continues to read books about living a positive life and trial different techniques which she can then adapt to align with her own version of self-discovery.

[Credit: Ana Montgomery Photography]

Indra concluded: “My goal for the show is to reach a global audience and community that will grow and thrive in this positive vibe lifestyle environment.

“The process is fun and creative, and I’m truly blessed to have a team around me that share the same enthusiasm and vision for the concept.”

She added: “I’m excited about what we’ve got planned for upcoming shows and can’t wait to see what other creative ideas we can bring to light.”

The Indra Bartona Show airs every Wednesday at 7pm Pacific Standard Time.

In the words of Indra, check it out for sunshine, love and blessings.

For more info, click here: The Indra Bartona Show.


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