Finally, a social media app to help kids’ mental health!

Marvel star Blondy Baruti has created BePerk

We know that telling young people not to use social media in today’s digital world is not only unrealistic but can also do more harm than good.

By banning kids from having an online presence, we risk alienating them from their peers and preventing them from building resilience.

Instead, we need to explore ways to keep them safe in cyberspace and discover tools that help rather than hinder their virtual world.

So, you might be grateful to hear about the almighty Blondy Baruti, who has just created a social media app to protect kids’ mental health.

[Credit: Blondy Baruti]

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Blondy is not only a tech king but also a Hollywood star having graced the silver screen in Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

His latest venture comes in the guise of BePerk, designed to give full power back to the user to decide how they want to be represented on social media.

The platform, available in the App Store, was built specifically to minimise online bullying and anxiety by tackling the stress and pressure that young people feel while on their phones.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! But how does it work?

[Credit: Szabo Viktor]

The ultimate goal is to allow social networkers to regain control of their accounts.

To do this, BePerk invites users to choose whether they have their followers and following public or private in a bid to combat expectation of how many people should have to be validated.

In addition to this, users can make their comments, likes, and views public or private too.

People can also upload thoughts without making an entire post, and they can control how long others can read their thoughts by using a timer.

[Credit: Paul Hanaoka]

There is also the option for users to view who reads their thoughts to strip away the anonymity that regular social media provides.

As well as an array of impressive features for children and teens to play with, BePerk offers parental control so mums and dads can have more influence over social media exposure.

Blondy is passionate about helping young people, having overcome his own incredible journey when he walked over 500 miles to escape the Civil War in the Congo at just 10-years-old.

Now he hopes to use his insight and intuition to protect future generations.

Sounds like we could all save a little sanity using BePark, not just our little ones.

To download the app, click here: BePerk.

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