FREE beer for struggling venues to sell and recoup lockdown losses

Pistonhead are gifting 70,000 cans to hospitality sector

If there are two words that are a match made in heaven, it’s ‘free’ and ‘beer’.

Regrettably, we don’t mean for punters, but the next best thing, the sellers!

The Christmas elves over at Pistonhead have come out to play early, gifting huge amounts of stock to help struggling music venues hit hard by the global pandemic.

Otherwise known as the craft lager kings, the crew are dishing out 70,000 cans – that’s a resale value of £300k – to any grassroots places that need help getting back on their feet.

[Credit: Pistonhead]

Once in possession of the stock, the venues will be free to sell it and try to recoup losses made during the lockdown closures which have been yo-yoing on and off since March 2020.

In their mission statement, the Pistonhead squad said the stock will provide essential funds for bars, clubs or concert halls to try and revive their businesses with some much-needed CPR.

They said: “We want to encourage those who make the everyday better for all of us. We want to support the talented individuals who creatively work to change our conceptions of what is contemporary culture.”

[Credit: Pistonhead]

The statement continued: “We support those who challenge the norms and who have an ambition to change. The ones who want to share their message; true creators that journey beyond society’s regular paths.”

Waving their pom-poms for the campaign, is the Night Time Industries Association [NTIA], who loyally promote the benefits that nightlife brings to wellbeing and state of mind.

Their CEO, Michael Kill, spoke out on the Pistonhead olive branch, commemorating it as a fantastic move to help the hospitality sector find its groove again in the Covid aftermath.

[Credit: Pistonhead]

Michael said: “The UK’s grassroots venues have been amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic. Many have shut forever, plenty have struggled to survive just long enough to be able to reopen.

“The campaign will go some way towards helping struggling venues get back on their feet, which in turn, will provide a wealth of much-needed opportunities for musicians up and down the country desperate to get back to doing what they do best.”

As gig fanatics, we couldn’t agree more!

If you are venue, or know a venue, get clicking here: Pistonhead Foundation.

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