‘It gave hope in a very dark period’ The mental health tool to help men 

HeadsUpGuys give tips and tricks to fight depression

Have you ever seen your dad cry? Heard your husband or boyfriend say he’s depressed? Or watched your son fall apart?

While some of you may have, the reality is that boys and men keep their problems tightly bound inside and very often hit crisis without having told a soul they’re struggling.

This means when they reach breaking point, they not only feel alone but also like everyone else around them is coping perfectly well and they’re abnormal for not fitting this mould.

HeadsUpGuys is the perfect safe space challenging this stereotype, created for males by males to support them in their fight against depression.

[Credit: HeadsUpGuys]

Better yet, it’s not just an awareness-raising platform, but an online tool to provide real tangible advice, tools, and information about professional services.

In addition to this, they also share stories of success, focusing on personal experiences in order to inspire others to reach out and build support networks around them.

They pride themselves on an honest and straight-up approach, talking about depression in a way that truly resonates rather than just clinical textbook talk.

[Credit: HeadsUpGuys]

As a taster of what to expect, you can find practical tips to navigate mental health for different relationships and transitions in life such as switching colleges, jobs or moving house.

There are also resources to understand loneliness and how to forge connections to fight it; fine art and concept photography shining a light on wellbeing; and quotes from male athletes who’ve fought depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

They’re not afraid of sharing the tough stuff either, with one of the real-life tales from a guy who jumped off a nine-storey bridge and lived, who is now working to end ‘man up’ mentality.

[Credit: HeadsUpGuys]

While in theory it sounds promising, there’s nothing more candid than the first-hand testimonials of people who have turned to the platform and credit it as a life-saving force.

One user said he found the site during a very dark period of life and it gave so much hope, saying “all the resources before were really general but HeadsUpGuys helped me feel more connected”.

While another said, “I read your article on managing suicidal thoughts. Thank you, I’m pretty sure it saved my life.”

Their website really should be pinned to every school and office wall in the country.

For more info, click here: HeadsUpGuys.

[Credit: HeadsUpGuys]


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