Killer festival clothes to make you stand out from the crowd

Rain On Me range puts fun and colour front and centre

Artwork typically hangs on the wall, is etched on your skin as a tattoo, or perhaps you think your eye-candy crush is a work of art.

Now, you can wear art too.

A new range of kitsch art-meets-fashion-meets-music is a festivalgoer’s dream.

Hailed as ‘wearable art for everyone’, the collection named Rain On Me – otherwise known as ROM – boasts fun outdoor clothing fit for any Glasto, Reading or Bestival field.

[Credit: Rain On Me]

The quirky offerings include a variety of raincoat styles, for both kids and adults, of ponchos and light macs to brave any downpour.

“Each design is unique and reflects our own individuality.”

Ruth Hockman, Rain On Me founder

Creator Ruth Hockman says the garments are not only to weather our unpredictable British summers, but also act as a reminder to embrace life’s storms.

Having designed the cute apparel during lockdown number one in March 2020, Ruth said she wanted to produce statement wearable works of art that have been individually hand-painted.

Her sole mission is to bring joy to all of our outdoor adventures.

[Credit: Rain On Me]

Ruth also said her inspiration behind the craftwork is her no1 love, music, saying: “They are heavily influenced by music, the unified collection is named after Lady Gaga’s hit record Rain On Me and the range is titled, We’re One, But We’re Not The Same – a lyric from U2’s anthem song, One.”

She added: “Each design is unique and reflects our own individuality. 

“During these current uncertain times, music has brought enormous comfort to many and continues to inspire the collection.”

[Credit: Rain On Me]

Ruth, who is also the founder of Rise and Raise (a fitness events company specialising in all day spinathons to encourage people to fundraise whilst keeping fit and having fun), said she wanted to create an authentic brand that brings people together with inclusivity at its core. 

With that ethos at the heart of everything she does, a percentage of profits from the collection will go to small charities who focus on community, mental health and the environment.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll be nabbing one as we’re done getting caught out by the rain and having to fashion black bin bags as coats while at the main stage.

To grab a jacket, click here: Rain On Me.

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