How helping kids be physically active can boost their productivity

Adrian Tuitt says, ‘train your mind the same way you train in sports’

Did you know children benefit from sport not only for weight management, but also to attain healthy bones and muscles?

In addition to this, it boosts their mental health, self-esteem, improves behaviour, and also promotes teamwork and friendship.

Pretty nifty for something that often involves little money so long as there is space to play.

However, while the average child should get one hour or more of physical daily activity in order to meet these wellbeing needs, this is not happening.

Less than half of young people in the UK are achieving this, with only 44.9% meeting the Chief Medical Officer guidelines of taking part in regular sport.

[Credit: Adrian Tuitt]

With schools favouring desk time over playing on a field, and our 24/7 screen culture, it can be damn hard trying to find hours in the day to introduce more activity.

Enter Adrian Tuitt, sports saint extraordinaire!

This motivational speaker with a twist not only inspires kids to open their eyes as to what they can achieve in post-education life, he also helps schools kickstart sports programmes for their pupils to keep them active and promote physical activity in young people.

Speaking about his mission, Adrian said he hopes to emphasise the fun that sports can bring, rather than the perceived idea that it is mundane or only for weight loss or medals.

[Credit: Adrian Tuitt]

Adrian said: “As a child, I excelled at sports and I always knew that this was the path I wanted to take. In school, I was known as ‘Runner’ due to being the fastest, this further encouraged me, and my aspirations grew as quickly as my reputation in sports did.

“This increased my self-confidence and with the backing of my parents, I became even more active and involved. However, along the way, I also realised that for some it was not easy.”

He explained: “They, unfortunately, gave up on their dreams for one reason or another.”

In an effort to combat this for future generations, Adrian said he wanted to help others so that they did not give up like his peers – not at the first, second or even at the third hurdle – but to always chase their dreams and to reach that all-important finish line.

[Credit: Adrian Tuitt]

True to his word, he founded The Little Runners, a schools sports programme that helps to inspire confidence in youngsters not only in fitness but also productivity in their education.

Alongside this project, Adrian also presents and delivers his motivational talks.

Adrian said: “I realised I had a natural gift to inspire, an ability to change the lives of people who without my direction and guidance would otherwise have failed. Anything is possible if you can train your mind in the same way that you learn to train in sports.”

Sounds like we could with a pep-talk from Adrian ourselves.

For more info, click here: Adrian Tuitt.

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