Constantly stressed? Learn how to let go from the daily grind

Life coach Elaine Denton can help you find your true self again

Do you spend your life trying to please other people, only to feel like whatever you do is not enough, so you people-please some more and get stuck in a loop?

Then it sounds like you might need a little help getting off that hamster wheel.

Here to unbuckle you from the never-ending ride is wellbeing guru Elaine Denton.

Having experienced her own struggles of the daily grind, she knows first-hand how to break the cycle and say no to a life where you are only surviving rather than thriving.

[Credit: Elaine Denton]

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, Elaine told us about how she reconnected with herself to find her truth and why she now helps others do the same to find self-love in abundance.

Elaine said: “Five years ago, I was in a corporate job… and utterly miserable.

“I was constantly stressed, working long hours, had imposter syndrome and found myself at rock bottom. I felt trapped.”

She continued: “I started working with a life coach and uncovered a lot of ‘stuff’, not just about work, but why I felt there was no other option for me.

“I soon learned that my belief was ‘I am not enough’ and this had pushed me to try and over excel and people-please to the point of exhaustion.”

[Credit: Elaine Denton]

With the help of her coach, Elaine felt empowered to begin teacher-training courses in yoga and meditation, before taking the leap to leave her job and set-up her own wellness business.

The following year, Elaine decided she wanted to help people more with their mindset and emotional wellbeing, prompting her to train as a life coach and then as a hypnotherapist.

Needless to say, she has never looked back.

Elaine said: “In the last three years, I have helped over 500 people on their journey of self-love, through yoga retreats, classes, meditation, and most recently, life coaching.

“Where I can really help huge transformation and shifts take place, is when I help people heal from trauma and past experiences to find acceptance and love for who they are now.”

[Credit: Elaine Denton]

If you are reading this and feel you quite fancy one of those shifts but are wary of delving into past trauma, Elaine gifts free 30-minute taster calls to help you discover what is holding you back.

They offer a chance of insight on how to move forward with “clarity, courage and confidence”.

On the flip side, if that shift can’t come soon enough, there are plenty of events up for grabs with Elaine’s next one on August 1 promising yoga, mindfulness and sound bath meditations.

The full day retreat places self-acceptance at its heart, with workshops, gratitude circles, and even a nourishing vegan outdoor lunch on the itinerary.

[Credit: Elaine Denton]

Elaine says her goal is to make people feel seen and heard, and that they matter, with so many of her clients feeling close to burnout when they first begin working with her.

She concluded: “I want people to feel that they deserve their space on this earth and feel proud of who they are. I really want to specialise in helping people heal from trauma too.

“I love seeing people transform and become the best version of themselves, with self-acceptance rather than drastic changes to their lifestyle, and help in a way that’s right for them.”

To kickstart the brand-new you, click here: Elaine Denton.


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