The end of influencers!? Ex-model becomes world’s first ‘impacter’

Luissa Burton ditched her modelling career to save the planet

Go on, admit it, we’ve all wondered how we can get a blue tick on Instagram. So, you might be a little surprised to hear that one woman is doing the exact opposite.

Having been verified on Insta and racked up 50k followers, Luissa Burton chucked it all in to begin again with no following and no tick to prove we don’t need numbers to validate us.

She also did a complete 180° on her modelling career, ditching her beauty queen past to becoming the ‘green queen’ instead.

[Credit: Luissa Burton]

As the title suggests, Luissa strives for a greener planet and to show people that nurturing earth is more important than any diamanté tiara or designer dress.

Luissa not only shakes her pom-poms for Mother Nature, she also hopes to revolutionise how people see environmental issues and reinvent them as “hip, aspirational and cool”.

Yet in a world of fast-fashion, TikTok trends, and where iPhones are considered our fifth limbs, making recycling or water conservation sound sexy is no easy feat.

However, Luisa is determined to rewrite the narrative and believes she can do this by revamping the word ‘influencer’ to make social media role models all about impact instead.

Luisa explained: “I would like to create a generation of impacters over influencers. Imagine how much we could change our environment and communities for the better?”

[Credit: Luissa Burton]

She added: “Fixing our planet is not an individual effort, we need to start coming together if we want to see real change in our lifetime.

“My old Instagram is still up but inactive, it now serves as a ‘museum’ so that the younger generation can see that your value is not the amount of likes or followers you have.”

Practicing what she preaches, Luissa is now an environmental activist (as well as a healer and life coach) on a mission to help others take the path of self-peace – a play on the beauty queen stereotype ‘world peace’ – through mentoring, workshops, and public speaking.

Alongside her conscious carbon footprint, Luissa has overcome health struggles, including a long battle with anxiety and depression, crediting natural medicine and therapies with healing herself.

Luissa also quit smoking, alcohol abuse, excessive partying, and binge-eating, which she used to numb herself, and now shares her wisdom to help others take the same path.

[Credit: Luissa Burton]

Luissa said: “I have been on a journey to embody what being a role model is versus just being viewed as a model or influencer as part of my former occupation.

“My journey to becoming Miss Europe 2018 was not without lack of personal challenges suffering from severe eczema and psoriasis skin conditions, which I still suffer from.”

Prior to this, Luissa had represented England at Miss Earth 2016, held in Manila, The Philippines, with the pageant focused on raising awareness of environmental issues.

It was here that she spent one month travelling, planting trees and speaking at schools, and her eyes were opened to all things eco and holistic health, including how to heal from the inside out.

[Credit: Luissa Burton]

Luissa said: “I was also horrified to see how unsustainable the fashion and beauty industries are, the former which is the second biggest polluter to the planet after agriculture.

“My vision is to use my voice, scope of influence and social media presence to educate the public that being green and acting green is truly hip, aspirational and cool.”

She concluded: “Green is the new sexy, though beyond these catchy phrases, the heart of it all is to raise the healthy and positive vibes of the planet and invite others to do the same.”

Just imagine Kylie Jenner encouraging people to plant trees or Gigi Hadid educating fans on energy-saving bulbs, the future could look like a very different place.

For more info, click here: The Official Green Queen.

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