Extraordinary People

This ‘dream machine’ is helping people rewrite their future

Charlie Rocket gives disadvantaged people a second shot

The ‘dream machine’ sounds like something in a kid’s book or a Disney movie.

Though it is in fact very, very real and has the power to revolutionise lives.

Decked out in neon green graffiti with speech bubbles to doodle your dreams on, the vehicle is fast-becoming as iconic as the Batmobile or Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine.

The brainchild of Charlie Rocket, the dream machine is a little bus with a big heart that travels the USA to make dreams come true for individuals.

[Credit: Charlie Rocket]

In particular, Charlie wanted to travel all over the States to people who lack the finances, resources, and support to achieve their dreams without any help.

Backtracking a little, Charlie is a social media king with a casual 3million followers on TikTok.

He has an equally impressive story to match, as a former Grammy and Emmy award-winning visionary brand builder, best known for discovering 2Chainz and Travis Porter, before quitting music to pursue his dream of becoming an athlete when he lost 130lbs, reversed a brain tumour, ran three marathons, completed an Ironman and biked across America. Phew!

Using his personal experience, the 33-year-old now guides followers through his mindset and shows them how to remain optimistic when the tough gets rough.

[Credit: Charlie Rocket]

His latest project kicked off during lockdown when Charlie asked fans and various big corps, including social media app Dreamr, to donate so he could help disadvantaged people.

He was stunned as the cash began flooding in, raising a whopping $528,000 (£378k). Rather than simply donating it to a good cause, Charlie decided to get active himself. Cue the dream machine!

Along with his buddies, Charlie and the crew began travelling the country to surprise those in need, by gifting essentials such as nappies, money, and even cars.

One of the people they visited included a girl who was in a car accident and is now paralysed on the left side of her body, gifting a cheque for $5k to help her achieve her dream of inspiring others through music, as well as organising a studio day to record a song together.

[Credit: Charlie Rocket]

Charlie’s squad also visited a woman who works in Starbucks, who is trying to turn her life around while juggling two jobs but is unable to see her daughter as she lives too far away.

Her hopes and aspirations came true as the dream machine team presented her with very own car.

Perhaps the most tear-jerking visit so far, was to a girl who received a prosthetic leg so that she can run again.

Thanks to the incredible, life-changing moments that the dream machine is creating, it is proving to not just be a trend during the pandemic, but an ongoing tour.

Now, Charlie is calling on the public to keep digging deep and either give a one-time donation or become a regular supporter with a variety of options from $11-$1k monthly.

We can’t even imagine the feeling of going to answer the bell, thinking it’s the postie, then being awarded the gift of a lifetime.

To change a life, click here: The Dream Machine.

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