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Hey, could you do me a favour? New kindness app to change life forever

InspoDaily founder Jade Tejani launches new project

If there is one thing that 2020 showed us, it’s the strength of human connection.

Now, many of us are afraid that the road out of lockdown could unravel our progress and society will return to the 24/7 rat-race of yesteryear.

Yet one woman is determined not to let that happen and is doing everything in her power to champion community spirit ­– none other than InspoDaily founder Jade Tejani.

Our Jade has been busy nurturing the brand spanking new Favours app.

This life-changing app puts humanity at its heart, connecting people all over the world to help each other by inviting users to swap acts of kindness with strangers – without exchanging money.

We sat down with Jade to find out more about Favours and why she felt called to create it.

Jade said: “I first spoke about the concept many years ago with my brother, we had a conversation about how wonderful life could/would be if everybody exchanged their skills.

“Less money would be needed, people would just do things for each other, and it would be more of a community-based living.”

Once the genie was out of the bottle, Jade couldn’t let go of the daydream.

Instead, she allowed the ideas to bubble away in her mind over the next decade as she began exploring ways to make this utopia a reality.

Jade continued: “In 2017, I embarked on my first solo trip – a month travelling around Australia. This awakened something in me and when I got home, I felt a little disconnected to my life in that it wasn’t really enough, although I wasn’t 100% sure what that meant.

“This trip sparked a huge change within myself, whether you call it a spiritual path, personal growth, or inward-looking (my fave way to describe spirituality), this was now the journey I was on.

“I wanted to make a difference in the world and started to think how I could marry up spirituality with modern technology, and so the idea of this app Favours was born.”

A year later on a return trip, Jade felt so inspired by the stunning landscape of Byron Bay that she began designing the app right there and then while sitting on the beach.

So, how does it work?

The concept is beautiful and straightforward; if you are willing to help someone out, you and this app are a match made in heaven.

Simply sign-up, state your skills and other ‘Favours’ you’d be able to do for those local or online, then when asked if you could spare some time to help, just say yes.

This means if you are a whizz at nail art, you could offer to paint a bride’s nails before her big day, or if you are the don at mowing lawns, your elderly neighbour might need you.

Alternatively, in the ‘Other’ section, people are encouraged to share favours such as shopping, cleaning, or phoning someone who may need a little company.

As Jade says, “the list is endless” of how we can help each other, we just have to be willing to say yes if and when that message drops in on the app.

Her vision is for people to be more open to helping others and not only talk the talk but walk the walk when it comes to creating a kinder world.

Jade said: “If we all became one team, we’d do so much better as humanity. I believe this way of thinking is already happening as this last year has brought out so much kindness, support and community-based living, so it feels like the perfect time to introduce the app.

“It is purely a tool to connect people to do favours. We already do this daily for our friends and family, so why not extend out to the world?

“All favours given and received are based purely on time, there is no money exchanged, it is only good deeds between people.”

She added: “You feel good when you help others, it’s ingrained in us. I want humanity to be a community where we ask each other for help and give each other help.”

There are many studies to support this, with acts of kindness linked to increased feelings of wellbeing as they reduce loneliness and enrich our social interactions.

It is reported that helping others also promotes physiological changes in the brain, which can impact not only happiness but also mental health and physical health.

So, whether you can help someone out with an hour’s admin, quick chat, DIY, or a massage, you will not only be nourishing the tapestry of life but your own mind and body too.

Even though Favours is her baby, it’s not to say it’s been plain-sailing for Jade from the concept to finished product and there have been stumbling blocks along the way.

Jade explained: “Honestly speaking, at times, it’s been the bane of my life! If there was ever a lesson for patience, persistence and consistency, this has been it for me.

“I’ve watched a lot of documentaries and read a lot of books on entrepreneurship and every one talks about the bottom line being a state of mind; baby steps toward your goal no matter how small the progress; trusting in timings and something bigger than us is having faith; being able to change with deviations can really show what you’re made of.

“So, whilst it’s been challenging on so many levels, I’m hoping this is the right time.”

Despite the challenges, ambitious Jade is only just beginning, and while her two ideas may be flourishing – InspoDaily and Favours – she is keen to explore other avenues too.

The budding philanthropist concluded: “I have many other ideas of how to help humanity and make the world a better place, so stay tuned.”

If anyone can do it, it’s our very own Wonder Woman, Jade.

Download from the Apple App Store here.

Download from the Google Play Store here.


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